CD Projekt RED Won't Commit to Gender Fluidity in ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ (Yet)


So, that social media manager for GoG (who got the job awhile ago apparently) is just a flat out gater

Fuck gog.



Uh huh.


again with this? WOW. goodbye.


CDPR can get in the bin. I work with people who are way less awful than this social media dipshit who still utter some hateful ableist and racist garbage as a matter-of-course.

If this is how you are in your job representing your company in a public space, then you are orders of magnitude more disgusting around your colleagues. And unless you’ve literally been at the company for a few months (even then still within the blast radius of the last transphobic tweet), your colleagues and managers would have twigged that you’re a gross liability and there would be some discussions, if only to protect the business from another self-inflicted PR disaster.

The only conclusion is that the racist, homophobic, and sexist content that shows up in their games is the tip of the iceberg. If this is how they present themselves publicly, and repeatedly, then it’s endemic to the organisation. Company culture comes from the top down and CDPR’s head honchos have been showing their whole ass covered up with fancy shaders for a while now.


Where can i cancel my GOG account? i can’t seem to find it.



I’m also cancelling my account, I’ve been considering it for a while but this is the last straw.


Downloaded the games I still cared about. Put in to cancel my account.


It sucks so much that both big stores are bad in different ways. I’ve been registered to GOG since the beta because younger me believed in getting to buy good old games and DRM free policies.

Good thing about the latter part is that a company can’t hold me hostage for my purchases. Time to do what I should have done months ago and cancel.



What alternatives are left, because I don’t want to abandon indie devs I regularly support because of these shitheads.

All I know of are GreenManGaming, which is also run by dumbasses who measure game quality by game length, and GamersGate (not to be confused with the hate movement, that store came first), which discounts games pretty regularly to the point I’m questioning if they’re legit.

I wish people just used itchio but then itchio would be over-flooded, defeating part of the store’s appeal.


I’m left wondering the same.

I feel stuck. I use itch before anything else, but I’m also locked into Steam as an archive of old stuff and for most non-Ubisoft, non-EA AAA stuff when I can swing it. GOG and Steam are also the best way to legally get old games that I think still have value and if you’re into that you cant really just choose one since there isn’t 100% parity between the back catalogues.

Not to mention that I have current games on GOG that still get updates and deactivating my account after downloading all the installers would mean locking myself out of DLC and updates that I’ve already purchased.

The state of the video game marketplace feels pretty shitty right now, except if you buy from itch.


I don’t know how it works in terms of where they source their codes (part of me feels now wonders if they work through Steam/GoG), but Humble Store springs to mind? I don’t know how broad their selection is but they seem decent & most games seem to have options for Steam or DRM-free downloads.


One thing that might help is that folks ask Indiedevs why their games aren’t for sale on itchio.

Return of the Obra Dim for example isn’t on itch, even though the Demo was.

People are pestering developers about GOG versions all the time, so I think it’s okay to ask them to put their DRM free stuff on a non-shitty platform.


Discord is also an option now. Can also write them an email and ask if you can pay them directly. If they are already distributing through Gog they have a drm free build.


Good time to make this note: Steam keys obtained from third-party sites are generated by devs/pubs from Steam free of charge, so you don’t give them any money by purchasing games elsewhere. I use and have good experiences with,,, to name a few. Though I’ve not ventured far into any of their respective social media. Some other day.

I can’t speak for GOG keys.

Edit: I deleted my GOG account the first time around with this bullshit, but I honestly wasn’t expecting another occurrence this soon. I guess I was an optimist all along.


It was, of course, nothing more than sexism, the especially virulent type espoused by male techies who sincerely believe they are too smart to be sexists.
-William Gibson Snowcrash 1992


I wish. Humble’s store is missing way more than you’d expect. A lot of devs simply don’t use it.


yeahhhhh that reads like a gamergate dogwhistle… “focus only on games”

I already uninstalled GoG last time. have no interest in their products till they actively and publicly address their issues which sounds like theyre not going to do


I’ve bought a handful of games from Fanatical (formerly Bundle Stars) and they seem fine, but I haven’t looked into them too closely either.

This trash is so exhausting and discouraging. Sometimes it really feels like gaming is rotten from the inside out and I’d be better off spending my time and money somewhere else. I deleted my GOG account, but I should have done that the last time this happened.


When I can I get stuff from the Humble store, I feel that has been a generally unproblematic marketplace if a bit of a fleeting one due to all of their timed exclusive deals. It also feels nice to chip in some for charity.

Steam, as unfortunate of a store that it is has been a mainstay, if only for my deep library of games. I was lucky in that most of the stuff I got on GOG was either free games, a couple of old ones I like, and some Sierra point and click adventure games.

It’s understandable if people don’t want to cut their account from the GOG store because they have a large library of games they like, not everyone has the luxury to just reacquire all that stuff elsewhere.