CD Projekt RED Won't Commit to Gender Fluidity in ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ (Yet)


Yeah I absolutely won’t be supporting them moving forward, they have a near sisyphean task of making it right that they’re not even attempting at this point.


At this point I feel like throwing my hands up. Are there any marketplaces that don’t seem to have animus for me outside of like,


[CW: depressive snark]

how fuckin late_capitalism.jpg is it to have repeat transphobic appropriation & subsequent apology marketing drooling out a corp mouthpiece that’s always banked on white cis permaboys’ cultivated victim complex around easily circumvented software protection that sometimes drops performance a single spooky percent lmaooo

don’t worry, they’ll put out another rockstar-esque quasi-tech demo between now and several more years of underpaid crunch labour on Liking Blade Runner Still Makes White Boys Look Smart Right: Gaiden 2077 where like, some edgy sexual exploitation happens onscreen but totally isn’t exploitative it’s just the dark universe you guys, then press n gamerfans gets to feel cozy sweeping p. clear ideological connections spanning a decade of repeat behavior way under that rug again for love of The Depth™, The Complexity™ and The Interest™



Any chance the comments below the GOG non-apology are anything less than a grease fire? I have no intention of delving into them so I’ll use my imagination.


It’s not hard at all. There are just incredibly shitty people out there.

I remember one time on reddit I was trying to explain to this guy that a certain old turbografx console doesn’t play certain games unless you have certain ram chips or whatever. No attitude or whatever behind the comments, and he just starts going off on me like “no you fucking idiot you’re wrong you don’t even know what you’re talking about” and just being belligerent for no reason. I was finally just like “chill dude, i’m not trying to be a jerk i’m just trying to help you buy the right console on ebay so you don’t waste your money” or something along those lines and then he came back with “i’m sorry, i was just having a bad day.”

It was this really weird humanizing encounter I never thought I’d get on reddit all because I backed away from the snarkiness and it totally worked. It doesn’t always, though.


GOG’s response to this genuinely impressed me. Last night I expected a standard corporate “we’re sorry if you were offended” template. Somehow they managed to miss even that low mark. That response tweet is supposed to serve the function of an apology, but it lacks the form, intent, or even language of one. This is a level of non-apology heretofore unseen.


I got the same non-apology as the tweet (and a link to the tweet) in response to my account cancellation request.
I’ve seen your tweet, gog, it’s not changing anything.


I mean, that’s not always true? Considering the blowback community managers can get for innocuous things or things beyond their control.

However, in this case, they a shit.


nah youre right


i swear im gonna lose my mind if i have to hear one persons annoying ass bargaining of why they are still gonna use gog n get cyberpunk


It’s amazing how over just a few months CD Projekt Red got me to go from superhype about everything they do to deleting my GOG account.


here’s the kotaku article about this, for those who haven’t yet seen it

i found this quote particularly compelling:

Even if the company doesn’t intend it, CDPR’s tweets make me feel like their games, like so much of the art in this world that I love, aren’t for me. These posts say that however much I love The Witcher 3 , however excited I am to play Gwent Homecoming, I’m not CDPR’s audience. Years ago, I wrote that when you consume media as trans person, “at some point, everything you love decides to tell you it hates you.” In other words, eventually, an artist I admire or a TV show I like will voice an opinion about me, and it usually isn’t good.

every time i get interested in something i always have to reckon with the fact that at least seven times out of ten most of the people who worked on it are likely uncomfortable with (or in the best case scenario, just ignorant of) the existence of myself and many of the people i know in some shape or form. it’s so incredibly rare that people even remember that people like me could be part of the audience. it can be really tiring sometimes. it is this week.

i’ve never bought any of CDPR’s work, mostly because i just don’t have that much time/focus/gigabytes for the huge, graphically intensive games they like to make, but some of my friends have, and lately they’ve had to deal with the truth that this company that has made the things they love doesn’t give a shit about them and/or their friends and would prefer to pretend they don’t exist except in the context of cheap jokes. even if you can see it coming from a mile off it still sucks all sorts of ass and always will


This is a comment I saw on Reddit about this:

“They’re not even an American based company, I’m sure they know what the hashtag was used for but its an American issue. Why can’t a Polish company use it to promote their stuff.”

Galaxy brain levels of denial here.


Fuck GOG & CDPR, won’t support or buy any of their shit.


yup lol they just responded to me with the tweet instead of deleting my account. i can’t wait for all the game outlets when cyberpunk 2077 comes out to slobber all over CDPR again like they did with the witcher 3 and never once mention their history.


I really wish itch ever had the stuff I wanted. It really sucks that the platform that was founded on making old stuff easily accessible had to be run by these people.


I have went from so hype to no hype.


Watching the E3 trailer for Cyberpunk made me question and rethink aspects of how I view my (trans) body in a way I hadn’t in years. A couple of shots in that trailer led to a greater understanding of myself and the idea that a video game was going to do that for me was so encouraging.

I’m not even that frustrated about them reusing tired jokes, just tired and sad.


Yeah. It’s not like GOG gets everything, but after Steam it seemed by far to be the most likely second stop for everything from indie to mid sized games. Most stores beyond those do not get as much.

Doesn’t have to stay like that, though. I’d say Humble has a decent shot at getting as many games as GOG does if they play their cards right. It’s a shame though that they don’t self host some or even most games, but sell Steam keys. Like, they have a hosting infrastructure in place already but a game like BattleTech, which is sold through GOG as a regular download, has to be entered in Steam from Humble. Possibly because so many gamers have a dead set “everything in Steam or bust” principle but it sucks.

Of course there’s Itch, but while I like that it’s getting more popular, as you point out it doesn’t seem like a good fit for a general games store.

Beyond Humble, there’s also Playism. Similar to Itch it’s niched, but to Japanese indie games (although there’s some western stuff on there, too). At least the stuff I’ve bought from there until now has been as direct downloads, too, which is good.

Realistically, there’s enough space out there that we shouldn’t have to settle with GOG. Hopefully that’ll come true sometime. Although I sympathize with smaller developers who’ll have to do more work getting their stuff out there.


Is it bad that my first thought vis a vis marketplace alternatives was that EA is so corporate and impersonal that Origin would never have this sort of blunder?