CD Projekt RED Won't Commit to Gender Fluidity in ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ (Yet)

Same here. I’m going to reply today, reminding them of their GDPR requirement.

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I live in the United States so I am unsure whether or not there is a GDPR equivalent over here. I will reply to the ticket again, but I did that once on the first ticket and still got no response.

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It took until today for them to respond to my request. They asked for a confirmation along with some details to prove that I am the owner. Seems to vary a lot how quickly they respond, could be that they’ve had internal discussions on how to handle it.

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I started the process when I made the previous post in this thread a few days ago, just got the confirmation that it was marked for deletion today.

That said in my case there was no back and forth, I just got the request to verify some details a few days later and then got the confirmation today.

Update on the shitty tweets thing: CDPR has fired the community manager responsible, though it’s worth noting he wasn’t the one behind the “did you assume my gender” joke on the Cyberpunk account.


Also worth noting he didn’t tweet out the non-apologies, meaning that there are indeed multiple awful people handling CD Red’s social media.


That Kotaku article felt very uncritical of the whole thing, including a community manager’s ignorance about the community they managed.

I’m glad there was some consequences - it seems folks getting angry about this has had an effect - but it sure seems like CDPR are hoping to shift the blame to this one person when really they were a reflection of CDPR and GOG’s corporate culture.


Yeah, all these articles trying to soften that dude’s image are only serving to make him seem stupid as well as malignant, as well as reminding us that the rot starts at the head.


I agree with all of the recent comments and criticism of the Kotaku article, and I’m not letting CD Projekt Red off the hook yet, but I did feel some measure of joy that something happened here. With everything feeling like the walls are closing in lately, any good news is welcome.


GOG employee fired over transphobic tweet now works with a right-wing gaming site

When has this ever NOT happened: shithead racist bigot in popular games culture gets exposed as shithead racist bigot and, instead of seeking redemption, runs to the safety and comfort of shithead racist bigot culture. I think the funniest, most shameless version of this was Moriarty getting kicked off Kinda Funny and immediately following Glenn Beck on Twitter.

Once they get unmasked, they can finally pull the hood on, if ya know what I mean!!!