CDPR announces development of new Witcher title

These sorts of announcements always make me laugh. “We locked seven people in a broom closet with an Ethernet hookup and you’ll be able to play another one of those things you like in 7-9 years please get hype”


The people in the replies complaining about EGS exclusivity immediately are very funny to me. Sure, the owners of gog dot com are going to make a game exclusive to EGS, go off.


I’m not even convinced that 2029 (a preliminary estimate on if/when this comes out) is a real year yet and people are already lining up for another round of Billionaire Wars lol.


I could consider a Ciri game, I definitely do not want a new Geralt game. He’s fine retired on his vineyard to me.


They said “A New Saga Begins,” which I interpret to mean “we’re moving this somewhere beyond the reach of the current timeline”

The image looks like a Cat School medallion… or at least not the Wolf School medallion we’ve seen so far.

I know there’s a lot of people who hold Witcher 3 to a high regard but I can’t help but look at Cyberpunk and CDPR’s recent public history, including GOG and internal workplace allegations, and not have my entire reaction just be “:thinking:


I sort of view this announcement the same way I saw the announcement that BioWare’s working on a new Mass Effect: just a giant pile of questions. Who’s doing it? What have they learned from their previous experiences and how do they inform their current work/working environment? What does it even mean to make a new one of these? Why are they announcing this now (Epic offered them an incredible deal on Unreal licensing part of which meant they announced a new Witcher with Epic’s name all over it, they need to hire people to make the thing, etc.)? Etc.

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Some thoughts:

  1. An early announcement at the moment seems to be about hiring. This has been widely reported on for Quantic Dream (Start Wars Eclipse) and Acti-Blizz (the “unannounced” survival game) - studios that currently have a very poor industry rep and might struggle to attract new talent without basically saying “come work on that thing you love”. As people have noted up thread, between CP2077’s state at launch, the crunch culture, and transphobic marketing (amongst other issues!), the sheen has certainly come off CDPR and it’s not hard to speculate they’re dangling the promise of the Witcher in front of new hires to overcome that.

  2. I’d be fine with another Geralt game. He’s no blank cypher, but he’s the kind of pulp archetype you can drop into basically any situation and he’ll play the straight man to whatever weird thing is going on. It’s what makes the original books - especially the short stories - work so well, and what primed him to be a great videogame protagonist. And with the Wild Hunt over with (a plot thread carried through all three games and held over from the original novels) there’s plenty of room to finally do something new.

Plus, there’s precedent - in the last book Sapkowski wrote, it cuts between a story in the ‘present’ of the novels and another a century (?) later when Geralt is still implied to be around. There’s room to jump the story forward enough it isn’t constrained by the narrative of this trilogy. .

If not Geralt, I know a lot of people are clamouring for a Ciri game, but I think I’d rather they went with a character creation system a la 2077 - something they could again lean on their association with R. Talsorian Games for, who produce the pen and paper Cyberpunk and Witcher games.

  1. Looping back to the sheen being taken off CDPR, now that I’ve played a… I won’t say finished, but at least functioning version of 2077 I actually love it. The issues CDPR has vis a vis company culture haven’t gone away and should continue to be reported on and criticised, as they should across the industry, but I’m less concerned about future games being ‘bad’ per se. Just, you know, I probably wouldn’t play it at launch.
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A blank character was one of the worst parts of Cyberpunk 2077 to me, I went though most of that game with no solid reason as to why in the heck my character would want to do any of the things they were doing or why I should care about them.

Frankly, I don’t trust CD Projekt Red to write their own story, 90% of what works in Witcher 3 is from the novels. Witcher 3 without the emotional core of Geralt, Ciri, Dandelion, and Yennifer, is a very boring game to me.

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I wholly disagree. I thought they did a fantastic job in Cyberpunk with V being a player cypher. You don’t have wholesale roleplay options but you could create a character you wanted to be in that setting and I think it’d work well in the Witcher setting. You couldn’t be a complete monster in Cyberpunk but you could be extremely mercenary, which would fit with being a Witcher. I think they should go the character creation route and let people be who they want within the story they want to tell. The writing in that game wasn’t the core problem at release. It ranged from fantastic to mediocre/forgettable much like it was in Witcher 3.

The emblem looks a whole lot like a Lynx so I don’t think we’ll be seeing any of the crew from the books and previous games beyond cameos.

All eyes will be on this game. If there’s even a peep about the work culture around it being toxic you know it’ll explode and it’ll dominate the conversation around the game around the usual circles.


I’d like to think that some of these companies learned things. I’d also like world peace, a Thayer-valve bass trombone, and a large pizza.

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