Celebrating 20 Years of 'Goldeneye,' the First Great Console Shooter


Goldeneye 007 launched twenty years ago. That's two decades of killing your best friends with proximity mines.

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I was a huge fan of Goldeneye, and I feel like a huge oddball because I never played the multiplayer. Not even once. I think largely because most of talk about Goldeneye focuses on the multiplayer, it’s often ignored that it offered dual-stick control on a system where the controllers had 1 stick. You simply held 2 controllers. Side note: this meant you would rest both arms on the couch, making you nearly totally inert while playing for maximum sloth.

I think it’s worth noting that the game’s missions were a lot more advanced than shooters on the PC were doing at the time. The combination of stealth, having to access systems in various sequences, shoot locks and alarms, demolish objectives, meet contacts, and drive vehicles was not in any other game I know of. Not until Half-Life the following year did we really get a PC competitor to Goldeneye. And I feel a lot of that is lost in the focus on multi-player which was a far cry from the PC alternatives of the day.


The secret coolest part of the N64 were the games that allowed you to play with two controllers at once. Episode 1: Pod Racer did this as well and it felt really neat to control each engine of your pod individually.