CGC trying to pull a gamestop

I’m at my wits end y’all I don’t know where to go or what to do so I’m coming here. I work for CGC we are based in Florida, not only have we already had one employee in our building test positive for Covid-19 and the CEO not close the building but now he is claiming that we are “essential business” and will remain open during the stay at home order the governor just put in place. We grade comics, we are the furthest thing from essential. If you are about to submit books to us, don’t. No CEO should be rewarded for this absolute horsefuckery.


I am very sorry to read this.

Given that you posted on the forum, I imagine you are trying to raise awareness/publicity for what is going on… based on that, I personally would recommend trying to reach out journalists such as Patrick Klepek (, signal: 224-707-1561, patrickklepek on Twitter) and Jason Schreier (jasonschreier on Twitter) as they broke the GameStop story; Matthew Gault (, mjgaulton Twitter) reported on unionization efforts by TCGPlayer employees and might also be worth contacting.


I just filed an OSHA complaint so I guess we’ll see where that goes?? I was going to write to Patrick but since it’s not in the purview of video games I didn’t want to darken his doorstep with this.

Call the local press, maybe. See if you can get some local pressure to shut down.