Chairs? Let's talk about chairs


So… I’ve been considering getting a new desk/office chair for a little while. I haven’t been using my pc at home lately (due to work burnout as a software engineer), but I’ve realized that I just actually hate my chair. I have the option to stand at work, so it’s not much of an issue there, but at home I’m sitting on an awful ikea office chair that I got a couple of years ago, and I think it’s time for an upgrade.

Does anyone have any strong opinions about chairs? I guess I mainly want to know if anyone thinks it’s worth it/not worth it to get one of the ridiculous racing chairs, or what your experience with those is (I’d realistically like to try sitting in the chair I’m buying, but I guess I can probably return something if I don’t like it).

Anyway, do you have a chair you really like? What should I avoid?


As someone who just got a new chair: I’m missing the width of my old one. Or maybe not even the width, but just the ability to open my legs a bit without pushing against the armrests., I’d take armrests that let me go underneath them a little. Also these armrests are kind of rubberish which makes them not very comfortable for my big hairy arms. It’s also taller than my old one, I can’t lean my head over the back of it to relax like I used to, though maybe that’s better for my posture? Who knows. Someone, probably. Learn from me, I guess; go wide and get material on those armrests.


One of the best purchases I ever made was getting a good chair in my first year of university. I went to every store in the city and sat in every chair available. I narrowed it down to two options; a $200 good chair that was tall enough for my long legs, or a $400 chair that was maybe 2 inches too short but way more comfortable. I went with the $400 one. I figured, if I’m gonna sit 8 hours a day everyday then get the more comfortable one no matter the price.

It came with a 5 year warranty on fabrics and 15 year warranty on the other materials. This is now the 13th year and I need to get it replaced because the metal braces for the arm rests are warped. I kind of feel like an asshole for getting something replaced 13 years after the fact though. Like I got my moneys worth years ago and should just buy a new one (though I think this model was discontinued a decade ago).


I’m firmly anti-chair. Standing desks all the way, baby!


I used to get pretty bad leg pain if I sat ‘normally’ for too long. The pain became way less frequent when I started doing part of my day standing. I usually do 4 hours standing and 4 sitting, I played around with alternating ever 2 hours but found it hard to remember to stand up again.

I also recently got a Herman Miller Embody for home because it lets you lean back to 135 degrees. I combined it with a foot hammock that hangs under my desk allowing me to keep my legs straight. If you live in a city I would suggest calling around to office furniture stores to see if the have used chairs. I was able to get the Embody for half off which is a huge discount. They often have chairs in very good condition on deep discounts.

Here is the article I read that inspired my home setup

I also have a foot hammock at work for while I’m sitting, I highly recommend them. I also have started walking the perimeter of my office every hour or so to stretch my legs.


Jeff Bakalar on the Beastcast was SWEARING by some chair on the last show… I wish I could remember the name.


I think that was Secret Lab?

About six months ago I got a Tempur Pedic chair from staples. It was called the TP9000 or something along those lines, and it’s completrly wonderful.
Very soft seat.
Mesh backing keeps me cool and comfortable.
Better at keeping my back straight than any other chair I’ve had.

Biggest problem is that the leaning back is a bit noisy and makes creaking noises and such, which can be annoying.
It doesn’t lean back very far but it’s my opninion that you shouldn’t lean back much in these chairs.

In Canada they are available at staples, but it’s in a different store in the US, so I’m not sure where you’d find it.

By and large I’d avoid the “gamer chair.” My girlfriend got one that some YouTuber uses and she regrets it immensely. She likes my chair a lot more.