Change Topic's Category On Topic List

When the Waypoint forums launched it was actually my first exposure to Discourse, so I may be asking something that is not exactly possible, but here goes:

Is it possible to have the circular icon showing the category (muted, watching, tracking, etc.) displayed next to the topic on the topic list (whether it be all categories or a subset like Site Feedback), allowing you to edit the category of the topic without actually entering the topic itself?

Currently right now if I, say, come back to the forum homepage after a day, and 8 out of the 10 newest/recently updated topics don’t interest me, I have to go into each of the topics manually, change them to muted, then back out. It’s a lot of extra time and steps to clean up the topics shown to be ones you actually care about.

If the category could be changed from the topic list, I could set those 8 topics to be muted then refresh and pop everything at the top of whatever category I’m in are topics are care about.

I’ve tried to search a bit of the Discourse developer community and other Discourse setups for something like what I’m suggesting and have come up empty, but I am sure those who have worked hard to get the forums to where they currently are at know better than I what the capabilities of the platform is.

Thanks for reading!

Muting is a bit harsh, sounds to me like you just want to stop tracking the topics.

What you can do is clear up all your “unread” list (by reading the topics you care about) once you are done click, “Dismiss Unread” which will allow you to clear up the list and optionally stop tracking.

Maybe I’m missing something with the general use case for muting, but if there is, for example, a hockey topic on the homepage right now and I don’t care & will never care about the hockey thread, why not mute it? It won’t appear in the latest, it won’t appear in new, and if I want to go see what’s up in the sports sub-section of the forum, that thread won’t take up screen real estate and time for me to read and dismiss it.

Unread list is just looking at topics I’ve already indicated I care about, whether through posting or through changing their category manually. Those are easy enough to maintain. Though having the ability to individually change their category (say from watching to tracked for one topic and watching to Normal for another) from the unread page instead of having to enter each and edit their category would be handy.