Chapo go on HBomberguy


In order to annoy the guy who wrote Father Ted, streamer HBomberguy decided to raise money for Mermaids, a charity that helps trans folks. He decided he would stream Donkey Kong 64 for a day or so…

We’re now in hour 50, up over $200K, the stream may now continue for two weeks if things keep going, who knows

Current events: Chelsea Manning came by, Cher retweeted the stream, John Romero dropped in for a while, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez not only tweeted it but just got on the Discord is CURRENTLY WENT ON STREAM because 2019 is ridiculous


Please don’t let Chapo on okay thanks they’re a massive downgrade from literally every other guest (including Grant Kirkhope saying trans rights in the voice of donkey kong)

Also this has been the most incredible weekend ever


I’m so glad I got to watch the Beaver Bother Debacle live in it’s entirety. AOC joining the stream was the main goal when I started watching ~24 hours ago, and I’m excited to see how much further this can go since every wildly improbable aspiration has been met. This has been really inspiring and rewarding to watch.

Oh yeah, by the way…

Trans Rights.


I am not actually a Chapo fan, just “X go on Chapo” is apparently the format for this sort of thing


Let anyone with a big platform on this thing. Keep demolishing these goals.


Update: AOC had to go but I promise I’m not making it up

She did not have helpful advice for Donkey Kong 64. Her N64 experience was mostly limited to Pokemon Snap and Mario 64.


Movement to get Corbyn on is growing. It is extremely not impossble.


How do I vote for her from the UK? Finally this anti-Pokemon Snap bias in the government can be taken down.


Hey, just wanted to say you should also check out the #TransCrowdFund tag on Twitter if you’re in a giving mood - though it seems a lot of people had the same idea because this stream helping advertise the tag apparently funded someone’s GoFundMe in a minute.

Incredible day, holy shit.


This is tremendous. I was having such a brutal day and this almost made me cry at my desk. It’s good to feel hopeful in 2019.


I’ve finally found time to watch this during my busy weekend and this is a fucking killer way to end it off, regardless of how I feel about Chapo on the stream or not.

EDIT: Josh Sawyer? ExCUSE me?


Chapo is officially on Hbomb.

This has been a wild stream, it’s been inspiring to watch it evolve over the weekend.


Adam Conover is also on right now.


Nearly every tweet Linnehan is making in an effort to do damage control is being met by multiple variations of “HOW DO YOU BEAT BEAVER BOTHER?” and it’s glorious.


If Chapo were on the stream that sucks.


For real though, they’ve been doing a really good job (as far as I can tell as a cis dude) at centering trans artists/Youtubers/games folks in the guest lineup for this stream. For such a spontaneous thing, this could have easily been a lot of white dude leftists, but Casey and Dan have been doing awesome work coordinating guests behind the scenes.


I think it was only Virgil on the stream, who didn’t talk much since (IIRC) he has next-to no interest in games.

It’s funny to see the trajectory of Harry from SA shitposter to popular charity patron.


I’ve been watching this for the past few hours and just wanted to say thanks to @dogsarecool for posting it here, because this stream is incredible. I have no idea how this is working logistically, but it’s very impressive.


Hbomberguy and left-tube as a whole, (like most things) are far from perfect. I completely understand why people would not be a fan of his. All that said, this is just such a capital G Good thing that I’ve been grinning ear to ear since I started watching around hour 7. We need more shit like this in 2019.


I’m going to challenge AOC on the notion that the n64 was the best console. PS2 4 life and the controller isnt made for someone with 3 hands.