Chapo go on HBomberguy


I don’t think either the N64 or PS2 can be the best console as there are no tiny classic versions of them.


Excuse me the PS2 Slim is the sexist small console ever manufactured.


Looks like you’ve never heard of the Cassette Vision.


An actual progressive member of the US Congress got on a twitch stream of DK64 to talk about trans rights on the night of a super blood wolf moon. The simulation is glitching big time


Look, obviously the original Xbox was the best console, because you could use the controller as a heavy blunt object


No, it’s finally loading the intended module.


I can’t believe Leftist Solidarity is achievable through Donkey Kong 64


I didn’t have time to watch much of this, but it was a hell of a thing and I’m so glad it happened.

And now I wait for the snotty “Here’s Why The Charity Stream Was Bad” takes


I’m already fighting with them in the replies on Twitter. “Mermaids forces parents to dress up their 2-year-old son in a dress to get hormone drugs.” others are feigning skepticism of Mermaids’ as a group citing “reports they’ve seen” which I always check and they follow Graham Lineham so that explains that.


I’m not all surprised about that stuff, but I was actually thinking about other lefties going on tweet storms about how it “wasn’t progressive enough” or denouncing the whole thing because they don’t like Harris or one of the guests.

I can see it in my head and it’s depressing.


The legit ending to this stream, playing Revolution Lover while he holds the Skeleton, is genuinely affecting me.

and as I wrote that he’s showing off the tofu mess he made so there goes the emotions.


I’m at a loss for words. This was really inspiring.

I really hope in 2019 this inspires a wave of charity streams, and Twitch offers some LGBT+ tags to help foster communities on their platform.

Hoo boy.


I’m mostly speechless after having watched this for my entire weekend but this seems adequate.

This stream was a really profoundly wonderful & moving thing, it’s a seed for something bigger and I’m excited to see what that bigger thing is.


Is this it? Is this when things start to get better for people? I hope so.


Maybe there will be some of that but to be honest I watched a good chunk of it, Harris was asked several times why he was doing the stream and always responded “To spite Graham Lineham” and usually something to the effect of he wants to be/learn to be a better ally.

The guest were largely trans people talking about their experiences, projects and ideas we can all take part in to help advocate (like lobbying Twitch for more specific Tags for LGBT+). And there was this small thing they did with most guests, they asked them to say “Trans Rights” which I felt was a smart way to establish a baseline as an ally.


I think anyone trying to argue from a leftist ideological stand point first needs to contend with the real, material benefit people will have because of this even, and more important, the feelings of inclusion that a bunch of people have been feeling. Like, every trans person I know is ecstatic about this stream, this charity, and the work HBomb, Dan Oslon, Shaun, Sharon Strucci, etc., have done to both raise money and provide a platform for trans voices.

This is a good day, and I really hope popular allies can do more of this.


Normally i find it super frustrating when people only pay attention to trans people to dunk on people they don’t like. lord knows how many times on forums the only threads that get attention about trans people are ones where they can complain about trump.

but in this case it didn’t end at the spite, even just donating to the charity at the start was something and when they realized where the stream was going they used it to give a platform for trans people. Thats about the most I can expect from allies, especially ones that didn’t know they were going to have that platform

personally the stream was a huge confidence boost. both seeing allies (including just random people retweeting that i didn’t know were allies!) and seeing trans people up there being treated seriously with respect. Its so nice to know that theres trans and lefty communities that are supportive and aren’t even all that niche at this point. really goes beyond the intent and organizers of the stream


That to me is the most important thing to come of this stream. So many trans people getting to talk about their experiences, while also getting funding for their own personal needs. There was this one trans man who talked about gathering money on his GoFundMe to fund their manual wheelchair. During the time he was on stream, people donated enough money for him to be able to afford two wheelchairs!


Considering that they were not prepared for all the attention, I’m amazed everything went as well as it did. The people working behind the scenes did an amazing job and this whole thing has just made me so damn happy.


In some cases this is an understandable frustration because there have been a few guests here and there than have done real harm to people. Plus I feel like I’m justified in having issue with Chapo and their use of the r-slur.