Chapo go on HBomberguy


I’m out of touch with leftist youtube, I just don’t have time to consume my politics that way, I wanted to ask is Chapo mentioned in this thread Chapos Trap House? and if so why the negativity around him?

Also any good UK based leftist media out there?


It is, and I want to make it clear that the only reason I titled the thread this is because “So-and-so go on Chapo” is sort of the format for twitter replies to people saying things, and I thought it would be an amusing inversion to tell them to go on Hbomberguy

This will absolutely fucking happen and it will be infuriating but it’s going to poison the discourse for weeks.

As far as On Topic goes, Chuck Tingle apparently dropped into the stream to talk about how LOVE IS REAL while I was making dinner, so that’s neat.


I think there is absolutely space to be critical of the event and those involved, and I would urge folks to be respectful to those who were uncomfortable with the hosts of the stream being the face of the fundraiser. Their pain isn’t invalidated by these folks helping generate a bunch of money for a good cause.

By that same token, there was an unambiguous good here that is without a doubt worth celebrating. The money will make a meaningful difference to the lives of trans children. Speaking personally, that the stream became a platform for trans folks from all over to speak to their own experiences & share their work to an audience that rarely gives us the time of day was just so incredibly uplifting to watch. I felt so validated and close to my community listening to those people, it made the bleak state of the world feel a little less so.

Ultimately what I’m left feeling is a hope that this sort of thing can continue. That more trans people can be given this opportunity to share their lives with others and find the support they need. I hope this event will encourage other groups to lend their platforms to the cause and help lift up the voices amongst the trans community that often get ignored. This weekend could be a great step towards something even better.


Thank you for giving a frankly eloquent voice to my conflicted feelings.


I just wanted to say that we should listen and believe survivors of abuse. Thank you to the folks on this thread who are voicing their concerns about the stream.