Charity Video Gaming!


[CW: Abortion mentioned]

Hey y’all

Me and 4 friends have for the past couple of years organised and taken part in an extra life-style 24 hour gaming marathon to support a charity of our choice. In the past we have supported a local cat shelter, sending doctors to the Calais refugee camp and a local children’s charity promoting creative writing and literacy.

This year, we’re gaming in aid of a charity called Abortion Support Network who work to provide travel, accommodation and financial help to those from the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland to access safe, legal abortions in England. Northern Ireland, despite being part of the UK, does not allow access to abortions under most (if not all) circumstances, denying anyone living there a vital healthcare service. The Republic of Ireland and the Isle of Man have similar laws in place, and anyone seeking an abortion in England often has to pay as a private patient.

We’re really excited to be able to hopefully raise enough money to help multiple people access the heathcare they need and deserve, and anything you guys might want to donate is greatly appreciated!

Link here to our just giving page and here to see Abortion Support Network’s website which has lots of handy info!

We’re hoping to stream some of our painful experience and if any of you wonderful waypointers have suggestions for fun, multiplayer or co-op games that would be VERY appreciated as we are struggling a bit on that front right now, its much easier to stay awake if you’re all playing the same thing! All of us have PS4s and switches and smartphones and 2 of us have PCs, so suggestions for those platforms would be ideal.

Love to you all!


Hey all, just want to give this one quick bump (promise i will let it die in the feed after this!) in case anyone has suggestions for games or wants to donate - i know extra life has just happened so y’all might not have the cash for another charitable donation which is cool! just trying my luck! :slight_smile: