Cheaper Next-Gen Xbox Will Cost $300, Launch November 10

There are, in theory, next-generation consoles coming from Microsoft and Sony this fall, but until today, we had no idea when they would arrive or how much any of them would cost. 

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Rumor is Series X will be $600, which sounds about right.

Though I’m curious to see if more console players make the leap to PC with the 3080 being just 100 above that.

Where’s that rumor from? The Windows Central report on the initial leak has said $499. (Source:

You’re right, I misread.

Seems like a good deal consumer wise, I can definitely see the Xbox Series S becoming the best selling console of this generation, considering I’d argue the main reason PS4 beat Xbox One so thoroughly sales-wise is cause Xbox One at launch cost $100 more than PS4 (that and the absolute disaster of a 2013 reveal event). I mean looking back Xbox One from 2013-2014 actually had better-reviewed exclusives than PS4 (like Titanfall 1).

I’m not going to declare anyone “the winner” just yet. It’s been awhile since I’ve not bought every console and this is the first time I’m having a hard time talking myself into an Xbox. $300 is a good price for sure but if you’ve bought all your games on PS4 the past generation like I have then the PS5 having backwards compatibility informs my decision greatly. Xbox just doesn’t have anything I’m interested in playing coming, Sony has Miles Morales and while that’s a big lift I don’t think that game makes, it’s something combined with being able to replay GoW 2018 without a jet engine on my desk while I give an hour or two to Xbox’s games on Game Pass PC whenever I reup my Game Pass.

$300 is…cheap(er than I expected).

But I also don’t want to go buy a new TV yet.

I don’t care about 4K at all so the series s would be great for me, it’s just a shame that there is nothing to play on it so I’ll just wait 12 months instead.

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The Series S doesn’t make a ton of sense as an upgrade for an existing Xbox customer at launch, but if you’re an existing PS4 customer, $300 to get a next gen console AND I’m assuming a decent amount of game pass in the box to play more or less every Xbox exclusive you missed? That’s a pretty enticing deal when the alternative is a much more expensive box and very few new games.


Yeah, this is definitely the onboarding ramp into the Xbox ecosystem.


I’m just… I have a PC, and Microsoft has made is so that anything I can play on an Xbox I can also play on my PC. Which I really appreciate! It’s a great program that I imagine some higher ups balked at because of people like me. But I just have no interest in an Xbox because of that, while I will absolutely get a PS5 for the same reason I got a PS4 — a greatest game of all time might be locked on that box.

(What I’m saying, if unclear, is put Bloodborne on PC you cowards)


A 3080 is just scratching the surface though. Some players might have a PC that is only missing a high-end video card to be a long-term console substitute but combine that with all the other hardware you’d need to substitute a new 4K console with a PC, you’d be looking at a hell of a lot more than that.


Yeah, I’ve actually started pricing out an upgrade/rebuild for my PC to get it to those performance levels, and I’d have to spend around £1000, even reusing as many bits from my existing PC as I can. And that’s for a 3070 build rather than a 3080.

I will not be making this upgrade anytime soon, I fear.

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I’m in the same boat, to get up to par with the new consoles my PC is gonna need a new CPU which means new mobo, DDR4 probably a fast new SSD. That’s all before the new graphics card. Quite happy to throw in the towel and go back to a console this generation.

Was keen to try a PS5 as I’ve never owned a Sony console but the thought of starting a new game library from scratch is pretty daunting $$$ wise. Game pass is making an XBox look pretty attractive.

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I’ve always been PC-first when it comes to games, so I’ll definitely be sticking with it this gen - I just have too much investment in the platform to do otherwise, and I do genuinely prefer it - but as I’m still a student, I doubt I’ll be able to find the money for the parts I need for a while yet.

I’m gonna eventually want a PS5 as well - I like a decent number of Sony’s exclusives (especially when you factor in the Japanese games that tend not to get Xbox ports) - but the PC parts are my priority.

I don’t think I’ll be getting an Xbox at all this gen, which’ll actually be a first for me–the original Xbox was one of my first ever consoles. I’ve just had such a terrible time with my One, particularly when contrasted with my PS4, that it’s genuinely soured me on the brand… And besides, all Microsoft’s games come to PC now.

I still really wish the Series S had a disk drive, though–it’d be perfect for my friends and family who aren’t interested in Sony’s exclusives or 4K-everything if it did, but as is, I don’t think I could recommend it to anyone in the UK 'cause of the stuff I talked about in the earlier thread:

My ten year old PC can still play modern games on medium or low graphics settings, and tbh I don’t care much about graphics, so I’m gonna keep going with that until it dies completely. But if it does die during the next gen, I am probably more likely to get gamepass + used Xbox Series S than I am a PS5 or a new PC. It’s not a bad price, and I’ve given up hoping I can really own a digital game, so I may as well just get the subscription service.

Patrick is right about 4K adoption compared to 1080p’s market share, but also there’s the complimentary fact that even for people with 4K displays, you don’t necessarily need a native 4K image to look great. Some of the upscaling magic done on video games nowadays is seriously impressive and gives you a picture that most people can’t distinguish between native and uprezzed. I think the Series S is going to find a lot of takers in the 4K space as well.


1440p makes for a great render. I think we’ll see a lot of really beautiful games up-scaling from 1440p to 2160p (the actual vertical resolution of 4k tvs) in the next generation to hit the sweet spot of not looking pixelated on 4k TV’s and providing the detail level and shader complexity to look actually good. I think we’ll also see games aim for “true 4k” and suffer performance or appearance wise.

I’m also pleased about MS making PC’s a first class target for console game makers. My PC is required for my work, so I’ll always have a good one. I won’t be getting an Xbox, but I’ll absolutely be getting game pass. Fingers crossed that this is the strategy that forces Sony’s hand on letting go of permanent exclusives. I still want to play Bloodborne (without suffering though PSNow latency) and Spiderman, but it’s not worth $400 dollars to me for the privilege.

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What I’m surprised by is that Microsoft didn’t announce this sooner. story of the summer. As people have said it’s not for people already in the XBOX ecosystem but $25 a month for a next-gen console plus the excellent Gamepass is a hell of a deal and a great way to onboard people. That, and Sony’s likely inability to compete on price, would be the story of the summer.

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Smarter people than me keep saying Sony can’t compete on price but over this generation Playstation has become Sony’s biggest revenue maker. I don’t see them completely dismissing selling at a decent loss to maintain their position in the next generation.

If the Series S and X were likely going to be these prices no matter what Sony’s price was, those are great prices to announce at the beginning of summer or the end of summer. They weren’t waiting for Sony’s prices to see if they can charge more. If these were the prices all along that means the strategy to waiting was hoping Sony guesses, likely too high, and has that price locked in for PS5. Also waiting shows that MSFT thinks Sony could be willing to eat cost to compete, most certainly can’t match $300 but I could see the digital only PS5 going $400 with the calculation of that 30% chunk of all games sales that system will play over its lifetime going to them.