Cheaper Next-Gen Xbox Will Cost $300, Launch November 10

Microsoft knows it can cruise on “still a better compromise than PS5/Sony ecosystem prospects right now” and it is absolutely hardlining it.

I hope it pushes Sony into doing something interesting real soon, tbh.

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I’m not willing to bet on that. While Sony’s exclusives haven’t done a ton for me personally, they sell extremely well, get lots of awards, and they’ve cultivated an Apple-like loyalty among their more committed customers/fans. They’ll sell out of however many consoles they produce this holiday regardless of what Microsoft does.

I just think Microsoft is also going to sell out (at least with the Series S).

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I didn’t know whether to post this in this thread or in the PS5 thread, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately because… well the coast I live on is on fire and I’ve been thinking about the climate crisis as an existential problem for a while now anyway. Question(s) for you all:

At what point do we stop developing and manufacturing new consoles?

Would it be so bad if we just developed new games for the old hardware that we already have?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m excited for these new systems too (I’ll most likely even end up with a Series S and a PS5 within like… 3-5 years if I’m lucky), but then I look outside and see the color of the sky and smell all the damn smoke and then I think about what it costs to make these machines and I start to feel a pit in my stomach and it’s like… y’all I don’t care about triple A games and 4k graphics enough to sacrifice the world I live in. Everyone should just… idk, download GB studio and make gameboy games again or something.


I think that AAA+ game development is going to undergo a substantial transformation before we run out of consoles to develop. There’s going to reach a point where the constant “better textures/bigger games” mindset is going to make development unsustainable and then game development will retreat to its last known, at which point the hardware will be set.


I feel like they’re already chasing this principle, right? Xbox’s “get on board by any means” thing is a pretty tacit admission that console gens are about done. They kinda have to be now that graphical fidelity has nearly plateaued. There’s a reason MS isn’t giving the Series’ an audiovisual/marketing identity of its own, right down to the dashboard.

And like, Sony’s been putting big hitter exclusives on a damn PC. Sony games that aren’t Planetside 2 are on a fucking PC, one of which was only PS exclusive for under a year.

New Boxes are either done, or in the middle of figuring out that big shift that’ll make them effectively done as we know them.


I would sincerely hope that the brakes get put on technological advancement if any company starts trying to push the idea of 8K when 4K is already an expensive hill to climb (and is imperceptible to most people who aren’t pixel-counting tech enthusiasts).

The conflict mineral cost of making microchips is already scary enough, but the actual manufacturing process of making those chips is absurdly dangerous on an environmental level.


Now you’re speaking my language!

There is so much unexplored space in the platforms and frameworks we already have, being explored by people just like ourselves instead of amorphous collections of corporate-mandated work-hours. I can’t in good conscience look forward to new console hardware when there is so much more that can be done with what we already have!


If this upcoming hardware was the baseline from now one, I would be totally fine with it. I can probably count the number of times I have been impressed by 4k resolution vs 1080p on one hand, and at this point most of the games I’m playing are at least a few years old or otherwise not super graphically intense anyways.

The one thing I will say in favor of consoles is that it is one of the only consumer techs, that I can think of, that is at least designed to be held onto for more than two years.


This new gen does admittedly feel a lot more extraneous than previous transitions, with the improvement focused mode on quality of life improvements than paradigm shifting tech. Now that I’m thinking of it, this current gen was similar in that way.

I’ve been struggling similarly, seeing as my current gen systems seem more than viable for the next few years of gaming, so it seems unnecessary to get a new hunk of silicon and plastic just because. It’s a guilt I feel over modern life in general, buying shit when I don’t really need it and how that negatively impacts the world.

That all being said, I do want to make sure we aren’t devaluing play when we discuss these things. Video games are important to me and especially this year have been critical for maintaining my mental health and social links with friends and family. To me, it is not a trivial hobby that I can simply drop. I can certainly admit there’s an environmental impact to that, but I’d say it’s a better trade off than the billions of enterprise computers and phones made each year for corporations who use them to actively make the world a worse place. Yes, this is a whatabout defense, but I think it has some validity in this case.


I’ve been trying to find a list of Xbox Launch titles, here is what I’ve found so far:

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
Destiny 2
DiRT 5
Gears 5
Gears Tactics
Yakuza: Like a Dragon
Tetris Effect: Connected
Watch Dogs: Legion

Am I missing any? Seems like at launch both consoles are not going to have anything that hasn’t already come out or are multi-platform releases.

Yea, I think you pretty much got the launch lineup right. Although keep in mind there will be some already released games such as NBA 2k21, Madden 21, and Avengers that may have their free next-gen upgrades ready to go on day one.

There also may be a few indie titles debuting on Game Pass that same week and Cyberpunk is also dropping then, but that won’t have next gen features until next year.

I totally have these thoughts too!

However, when it comes to climate change, I think there are way bigger concerns than video game consoles. As others have said, they stick around for a long while (I haven’t thrown any away). They aren’t just going into land-fills generally after a super brief time. Also, consoles are generally more energy efficient than gaming PCs since they can modify the power to fit their very specific purposes.

I do wish they’d focus on more energy efficiency over raw power (which they might be doing behind the scenes, I just haven’t looked into it myself).

Honestly, looking into the ways in which we consume food (beef production is horrible in particular), produce energy, whom we purchase from and what kind of consumers we are, and how we transport ourselves and items are more important things to look at. Though every little thing can help!


Having discless consoles is also a good move environmentally, takes a lot less energy to download a game than it does to make the case, manual and disc and ship them


Well, at least based on the Hot Chips presentation that Xbox gave this year, they are aiming for a 1x (zero) increase in power consumption, so at least there’s that. And I guess that is one of the upsides of a console vs PC, they are much more power efficient, especially for the price.

I will say that a lot of our problems with how we consume food is to do with the industrialization of its production. Like, if everyone stopped consuming beef tomorrow and switched to soy, so that instead of millions of acres dedicated to raising cows there would just be millions of acres of soy plants. We wouldn’t have really solved the problem, just changed its cause. Also, get rid of private vehicles and invest in mass transit and walkable cities!

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I guess Sony has Demon’s Souls, but a remaster kind of falls under ‘a game that already came out’.

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