Cheat Maker Sues Bungie for Hacking Its ‘Destiny 2’ Hacks

Bungie, has been countersued by the popular cheat maker AimJunkies over claims that Bungie violated the DMCA on AimJunkies cheats, hacked one of their contractor’s computers, and violated copyright law by reverse engineering the software to build countermeasures against it. 

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I mean AimJunkies isn’t wrong, it is an incredibly gross violation of privacy to use your video game to backdoor into someone’s personal computer to harvest information for a lawsuit especially when that permission is granted in a legalese written LSLA that a normal person isn’t going to truly understand. Which I’m eagerly awaiting for the EU to take notice of this trend because there’s no way in hell US lawmakers do anything.

We’re way too trusting of software we install.


Definitely hard for me to feel good about this from Bungie.

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