Check out Desert Child - A Hoverbike Racing RPG

Check out Desert Child. Its a pixel art hoverbike racing rpg with a whole lot of character in its presentation. Its got around 2 days left for its Kickstarter campaign with about 3k AU to go.

FYI, I am not affiliated with this game in any way, just wanted to pass it along cause it looks rad.

That aesthetic tho.


This game has a look. Damn.

Also looks like I’d be terrible at it, haha.

Looks killer. Love the visuals. Hope it gets funded!

That trailer has styyyyyle coming out of its ears.

backed this because it seems extremely my jam

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Backed! First KS game I’ve thrown money at. Big part of that is that the game seems really far along already. Idk about backing things that are like 2 years off lol

Update: It passed it’s goal! This is awesome, thanks so much to all the people who backed it or spread the word.