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Shout outs to the Xbox 360 Blade UI.

Pour one out for that swooshing noise it made.

woo forums! everything looks great so far!

Hello Waypoint forums!

Hello World
Loving the clean aesthetic of these forums.

Okay, so love that we’ll be able to interact with each other. Several woots!

Really excited to see what’s NEW! Waypoint Radio is in my rotation of podcasts twice a week but I certainly wouldn’t complain about another. Don’t usually go out of the way for short form video but love the look of Cardboard.

Not sure if this is the place to put this but I couldn’t see another topic (and this is the article with the first Cardboard Series video in it).
I generally liked it but I think the pacing was off. It sounded like each line Patrick read was from a different reading where he rushed at the end to fit it to the 1 minute mark. I think the video would have been helped a lot by making it 5-10 seconds longer so that Patrick could stick to the pacing of the first 20 seconds throughout.

I’m just nitpicking, but this is just because the inconsistent timing was so reminiscent of a similar kind of animated video I had to do in my first year of University (and now I can’t unhear them). Good idea though, and I’m glad your doing more bite-sized videos on things in gaming that most people don’t know (a lot more people are going to watch a video under 2 minutes than read the many articles written for the hardcore audience).