Chihayafuru - Cards! Poetry! Poetry on Cards!

okay i'll be honest i just wanted to post this gif

The characters are great, the score is great, and it’s an moving exploration of something I had literally no idea about before watching the anime. Maybe it’s unlikely at this point but I’d love for a third season.

I think this show is what spurred me on to make an attempt at learning hiragana/katakana. I even spent a bit of time trying to find out what was considered the “best” English translation of the Hundred Poems before coming to terms with their dependence on devices within the Japanese language. I feel like this answer here explains it fairly well but I’m happy to read anything else about the matter.

As for “Taichi or Arata”, she’s married to the game, man.


This is legit one of my favorite series! I agree that a 3rd anime season seems unlikely, but I do highly recommend the live action movie adaptations if you haven’t already seen them. Two films are out now, with a third due next year, and one of my favorite bands (Perfume) does the excellent theme song.

Chihayafuru was also my introduction to the Hyakunin Isshu! I enjoyed reading this blog series which discusses the background, translation, and puts the poem into context with the show(One Thousand Summers). I read a few other translation sites, but really appreciated this one relating the poems back to specific scenes and characters that I knew.

Also re: Taichi vs. Arata, the manga gets pretty interesting/emotional… Taichi’s confession scene and the after bit killed me… I do feel like she might end up with Arata in canon, but I want it to be an OT3.


This is definitely top 5 all time anime for me. My good children trying their best so hard.


I just started this series a couple of days ago on a whim. I’m about 5 episodes in and I love it so far. It’s so fun watching these kids try their best and smack the everloving crap out of some poetry


Chihayafuru is one of the shows that inspired me to really pay attention to and take notes during my anime watching hours. It’s a really beautiful and carefully directed series that manages to make competitive poem-fights both exciting and engaging. Also given the length it’s able to really thoroughly explore and develop its cast of characters. I love that it’s also sort of a commentary on weird passions in general.

The translation and subtitling effort that went into bringing this to the west is pretty incredible. Few other shows have as much on-screen text or deal with things that are so distinctly Japanese, though Rakugo comes fairly close on the latter. Never have I appreciated a good fan sub more than when trying to watch this show.


Damn it this thread is making me face the fact that we’re probably never getting an S3. I know it’s a manga but it’s not the same. :frowning:


I just wanted this anime to continue on forever, I wanted to see these characters forever. I would probably enjoy reading the manga, but I just love anime more.


I was hoping for an S3 announcement a while ago, since the manga was hitting the point where there was enough new material, and the Live Action movie was coming out, but it looks pretty unlikely at this point.

The manga is fine, but it’s just not the same without hearing the reader, and Madhouse do a really good job of direction and music during the games. The second team tournament was fantastic.