Chill Out With This Week's Waypoint Playlist

We're taking it slow this week with some of our favorite 'Minecraft' tracks and a whole lot of ambient music.

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Good stuff - the new Frank Ocean is :100:. I see some of the songs are the same as last week - is the plan to keep a few going forward each time?

I really need to know who’s listening to the Max Payne 3 soundtrack because God, HEALTH fucking killed it with that one.

the playlist goes from thursday-thursday so that’s when we change songs :slight_smile:

it’s mike… of course!!!

mike!!! my love for you has grown a bit just now

Loving this playlist. Great stuff in here!

Finding that Smile? Track was very good for me this week

also back2back Frank Ocean in playlist is :fire:

Health & Lorn are constantly playing on my iPod so I honestly cannot complain about anything on this.

i’m so into the vibes going on this week