Chill talk show / hangout streamers?


Greetings all,

Bit of a challenge here. I really love the Hot Mic Mornings the Waypoint crew do, but obviously they can’t do it all the time. There are plenty of IRL/talk show type streams about but all of the ones that get surfaced are generally angry dudebros using the Howard Stern model, yelling about stuff and teetering on the brink of homophobia and/or racism.

Anyone have any recommendations for chill, hangout-type streamers? Ones who aren’t likely to have a “heated gaming moment”? Bit of a tall order I know, but maybe we can surface some streamers who deserve more of an audience.



This isn’t quite what you’re looking for, but my definite go-to for this has been RPG speedruns lately. RPG Limit Break is a yearly charity stream focused on them & they’re a good source, generally, of laid-back chill commentaries. Given that the runs tend to be several hours long, there’s not a density of information get across, which lends itself well into being background noise.

Puwexil is a particular runner who has a very laid-back style whether streaming personally or for marathons. Would definitely recommend checking out their content for a laid-back experience.


Matt McMuscles from Super Best Friends does some pretty lax streams, including a series where his wife talks about fashion in videogames. He sometimes post streams on his Youtube as well, highly recommend a recent post with the guy who used to be the Happy Videogame Nerd about the current state of horror games.

I am sick and miserable right now, and that talk was a nice break from thinking about my endless fever and congestion.


Cheers, those suggestions are great. I can add dear Mr Pat Baer does a lovely regular hangout stream where he usually builds model kits, lego kits, etc. Very worth your time.