Chris Avellone comments on work culture/management at Obsidian


So before I dive into this I’m gonna leave this paragraph up here asking the mods if it’s cool. This involves naming of specific people at Obsidian and all this is being posted on RPGCodex which is an absolute white supremacist hive that Chris Avellone and lot’s of developers who work on RPGs in the Fallout/BG lineage unfortunately hang out in.

There are some fairly damning things being said about labor practices, payment, threatening with pink slips etc. etc. but I would not recommend digging through the thread on RPGCodex to read it and will wait on mod approval before I relay any of it, they kinda have a habit of showing up when you talk about them.


dogsarecool started a thread about this last night:


and if anyone can find some reporting that doesn’t involve RPGCodex directly, that’d be good, because those forums are 4chan level awful.


I’ll just post in your thread from now on since its older, if mods want to delete/lock this one.


I live to oblige. Make sure to check out the other thread! :sparkles: