Christmas thread


its been christmas in some parts of the world several hours now, it’s just turned christmas in the UK

how u doin about it




Christmas is never a good time for me so I’m spending most of it online and away from people. I hope everybody is having a nice Christmas! It’s a great time of year for those who celebrate!


My mom put out Santa D:

Will report back later on in actual Christmas time in Brooklyn, NY.


dreamwork’s the santa baby


Merry Christmas! I’ve gone back home for the holiday, where I’ll get to spend the day with my immediate family and awful cat as a proper winter storm blows through town.

(And by home, I of course mean the eternal, unchanging domain of the Archimedean Solids from which I, a humble rhombicuboctahedron, hail.)

(Every year we affix ourselves to the branches of an immense Scots pine and sing geometrically perfect carols. It’s very festive.)


Merry Sickmas!

I’m with my family, but I have been separated because I have a cold and my mom shouts whenever I come into view.


Got me a super cool zelda notebook and i’m now considering the ifs and what abouts of allowing myself the use of this notebook in front of my crush. Is it too nerdy? Too unhip? But it might in some ways display a kind of comfort and assuredness of self.

This year we kept the long tradition of being helplessly few in celebration. A third of the the family is in another country, the other kept away by the now two decades old divorce of my parents, and so we’re left with precious few tonight, every year. But i appreciate the lights and eventfulness of this time of year, it’s what i remember. Like those Baci chocolate boxes and their lovely wintery blues.

Happy christmas everyone!


Every Christmas eve we all get new Pajamas and this year the legs on mine are super thin and I look like a sexy young Dr Robotnik.

Going well so far.


TBH, if your crush has a problem with the notebook you think is super cool, they’re probably not the right one anyway. Please use it in front of them


Hanging out after dinner with one side of the family while people filter out and my nephew refuses to go to sleep. Going well so far, especially compared to last year where I was recovering from a stomach flu. Headed to see the other side of the family tomorrow. Should be nice.


Split the difference–use it proudly, but always in their peripheral vision.


Lol, we’ve now transitioned to tantrums over minor issues because he’s so tired. Should be conked out before long.


Happy holidays! Here is an xmas porg!



Ate so much at dinner that I got sick, and I was already pretty sick to begin with! It’s a good ol’ Sickmas Eve right here.


My participation in family Christmas happenings have slowly dwindled over the years and I’ll be spending today doing a bit of work. Just a quiet day alone for me.

Hope everyone out there is enjoying time with their loved ones, though!


I’m at my dad’s with my partner and my aunt is here. An argument got started about addicts and how because some of them can’t kick the habit the rest also deserve to live on the streets.

I’m hiding in my dad’s guest room with my partner because it got my blood boiling so much. I’m not really sure what to do right now but I just wanna cry a lot.

My mother is an adddict btw, so that might explain why I got so riled up.


i live at home anyway so christmas is only as horrible as any other time i have to go out with family
… which is fairly horrible

but i am going to hang out w friends next week so im fuckin soldiering through


Pixel red fox 2 scarf


This is as Christmas as I get