Ciel Fledge: A daughter raising simulation game

I’m making a game called Ciel Fledge where the objective is to raise an adopted daughter for 10 years in the future “orwellian-like” society in which humanity lost against the alien creature outbreak from deep inside the core of the planet and forced to live on Arks in the sky.

If you ever played the classic Princess Maker, the gameplay is quite similar to that. Otherwise the game is kinda a mash up of simulation games, VN, and match 3 puzzle on the battle section.

The game alpha build demo can be played here and here

Also on Kickstarter if you want to support it!

Hope you enjoy playing the game! Critiques and feedbacks are welcome!





Looks interesting man! Not my cup of tea to be honest but good luck to you all the same.

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I love raising sims! I tweeted this out, I hope you get it made.

Thank you! We are determined to get it made, the full release will be around summer or fall next year if all goes well :smiley: