Civilization VI Red Death: Because every game needs a battle royale!

Cringe inducing trailer aside it seems kind of interesting? I like the idea of a really fast paced civilization game and I like that the team is getting to do extra strange things with the franchise.

Anyone going to try this out?

Civ is one of the few games I really can’t dig playing online myself despite loving the concept of it (think it’s the slow and inevitable sense of defeat that takes hold) but I would love to watch other people do so.

I took a peek at their dev stream and I like that even a mode that supposed to be a shorter game of Civ is still roughly an hour long. Unfortunately it seems like this mode takes out just about any interaction with players that isn’t direct combat. So probably not for me. But I can appreciate them trying something new just based on someone on the team’s joke idea.

Since they took out all the politics I understand why they didn’t do this but I would have loved to see their modeling and animation teams take on some of the faction designs exclusive to this mode.

Just look at these suckers!
image image image

Jeez, the voice over on that trailer sure is something.

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