Clan Lord-The Wonderfully Unintuitive MMORPG from the late 90s

Might be aging myself here, but did anyone get into Clan Lord back in the day?

It was essentially a waaaaay low-budget Mac OS answer to Ultima Online, and despite (because of?) some ridiculously unintuitive design, hideous graphics and narrow scope, it was HUGE in RP potential, and even had an unofficial newspaper.

Apparently there’s still a small community of those still playing. I remember it quite fondly.

I played Clan Lord for more hours than I’d care to admit back in the day. I was a pretty early adopter, well before the ‘commerical release’ and reset. A crazy mix of some of the best community and adventure I’ve experienced in an MMORPG with an at times infuriating design and development cycle. Fun times though, overall.

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That’s fantastic–same experience here. I tried getting into other MMORPGs but could never get that same sense of magic that was happening with CL.