Cleaning Out the Ole Video Game Attic


Now that January is here and I am released from the GotY frenzy, I was thinking about clearing out some of my backlog and wall of shame. Anybody else doing the same? Here’s what I’ve got on deck:

  1. Bayonetta - I really need to play this before 2 and 3 hit the Switch.
  2. Super Metroid - My white whale classic that I never seem to have time to play. No longer!
  3. Zombi - Playing this for Waypoint 101.
  4. Destiny - I played this solo way back when and found it lacking. Now my game group wants to go through it together. Hopefully I can finally understand the special sauce that got so many hooked.
  5. Final Fantasy XV - This one’s a stretch given the time commitment, but I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy it if I do get around to it. It also is the biggest game on my PS4’s hard drive, so there’s incentive to clear out the space.

So what musty old games are you folks pulling out of the attic?


I want to finish Gravity Rush 2 before the servers shut down and also sit down and finally get through the last bit of Bayonetta 2 at some point


Wait, are they seriously shutting down servers only a year after release? What the f?


Yeah it’s super bad… granted you can still get all the trophies and play the game start to finish without missing anything but it’ll def be a lesser experience without the treasure hunts and costumes to unlock


Darn it, I wanted to get around to GR2 eventually but Sony might be forcing my hand. And here I was hoping to not spend money on games this month!


I think it’s $20 on the psn store too so you’ll be saving a little bit at least! It’s a really great game, just a shame it got so overlooked last year with literally every other good game haha


I used the steam calculator ( a while back and learned that I had 60+ games in my library that I never touched! The shame has driven me to start a backlog quest. I’m attempting to put at least an hour into each game.


I ended up buying around $100 dollars worth of games on the Steam sale that I’ve been waiting on for a majority of the year… and then proceeded to start a personal quest to beat all of my Sega Genesis games. I own 45 and I am on game #7. I could easily blast through a big chunk but I am intentionally drawing it out with little personal goals like switching off between games I’ve beaten in the past and ones I’ve never beaten.

This is all due in part to having a larger sum of cash post-holiday and thinking “I should buy some new old games” to which my brain responds, “you don’t even play your old old games!”


I have a lot of games stocked up. One of my missions for this year is to be more mindful and approach media one at a time. So, one TV show, one game, one book, et cetera.

The three games that I’ve been wanting to finish:

  1. Night in the Woods - started it in December, like it so far.
  2. Dragon Age: Inquisition - I played about two hours of the Trespasser DLC…two/three years ago? I feel like such a sham for not finishing the best (according to fandom, at least) DLC for the game.
  3. Kentucky Route Zero - Another game that’s been collecting digital dust for years at this point. I might have to restart from the very beginning since it’s been so long.


These days I really make an effort to not buy anything I am not going to immediately play. So my backlog is pretty manageable. I spent most of December getting 100% completion in Bloodborne, sort of as a distraction from the GotY fever. My partner noticed and gifted me the complete edition of Dark Souls III this Christmas. So I will most likely spend a lot of January on that.

I have been feeling pretty fatigued on chasing the new game buzz lately. So it has been nice to just sort of soak in games no one I follow is actively talking about anymore. Maybe I’ll try Gravity Rush next.


Doom is pretty much the biggest game on my backlog right now. It ended up taking the back seat in the Switch holiday avalanche since I can’t really get away with playing it at work or while my kid is awake.

Also, I got Life is Strange and Firewatch in a Steam sale this year. Tackled Firewatch first but haven’t found time for Life is Strange yet.


My one real goal as far as video game decluttering goes is that I really need to finish the campaign for Titanfall 2 so I can free up some precious hard drive space on my PS4.


A lot of my games are either old ones that I never played when they came out, or newer ones that I bounced off of for some reason.

An incomplete list:

  1. Finish FF6 Advance- I’m about halfway through (I think) and I just haven’t had time.
  2. Finish Golden Sun- see above
  3. Actually check in regularly with my Animal Crossing: New Leaf town
  4. Finish the last case of Ace Attorney: Justice for All and possibly start Trials and Tribulations

I predict right now that maybe 2 of these goals will be accomplished, especially because I have a Switch and want lots of new games for it.


I took an extended break from the DROD series of puzzle games after mastering (all puzzles, all secrets) The Second Sky last summer, wrapping up the main series. But being kinda snowed in made me load up some user-made levels today, and this probably sounds weird, but no game has ever felt more like a hot mug of tea and a fireplace to me. Something about it just settles right into my head.

I’ve also got this Witcher 3 thing that I should probably take a poke at eventually.


This is just a spectacular game, one of my first RPGs and a stone cold favourite in terms of visuals.


It’s so good, the visual style has taken a while to grow on me but it’s charming as heck, and the combat is cool and varied in a way that astounds me for a 2001 RPG.


The visuals don’t have quite the same punch when you’re not playing it on a dim, low-rez Game Boy Advance screen under the fluorescent lights of your high school cafeteria. But then again I’m a connoisseur.