Cloth Map's video about the Brazilian videogame grey market

Cloth Map is Drew Scanlon, a former Giant Bomb member, he visited São Paulo and prepared this cool video about Brazil’s videogame grey market with the help of some local youtubers. I find it fascinating how the hobby found it’s way outside US/EU/Japan, creating it’s own particular version of vg history and the troubles poor countries had to go to enjoy the hobby. Still is a mostly elitist thing although the inequality allowed older technologies to remain relevant way beyond their supposed lifespans.

Watching the Telejogo II, my first videogame, in it was very nostalgic. :*

If the subject interests you, there’s also RedBull’s Parallels arcticle about Brazil’s gaming landscape.


This is why I have no patience for people shitting on “underpowered” consoles or old PC hardware. Frankly, I’d much rather have slightly blurrier visuals and longer loading screens if it means that game hardware can be more easily accessible to the masses. The medium becomes richer the more people (with their attendant breadth of experiences and skills) engage with it, which is greater than any push for ultra-high settings at 4K/60 fps can hope to accomplish. Games are held back far more by lack of imagination than tech.


I agree, with consoles using PC architecture now I hope for an extended support for the older generations moving foward. I also agree that 4K isn’t that interesting but if VR gets mainstream it may push hardware much harder.

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I’m just happy to still have Drew Scanlon in my life.

Has Drew been on Waypoint at all?

that bit about the Sonic game for the Super Nintendo blew my mind because I have that Speedy Gonzales game, and honestly, it would make a pretty passable Sonic game.

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I love those types of hacks, modders have been adding local soccer teams to old Fifa games waaaay before DLC was a thing. Some even created a patch that adds Monica and Friends characters (a local children’s comic) to the recent release of Wonderboy’s Dragon’s Trap remake. Here, the link is in portuguese but you can take a look at the video, the result looks pretty good.

Make it happen @austin_walker.
Awesome that Drew going places and digging up interesting sites that most people may not see but locals do.

I’m still waiting for the day Drew flies Waypoint and GB East to E3 and back again. Maybe drop Dan off in Kansas on the way back by giving him a parachute.

second part dropped

this one goes inside the culture trends, our biggest trade show, board games, indie development etc