CNET's Jeff Bakalar Joins Us on Waypoint Radio


Earlier this week, the popular crowdfunding service Patreon announced some controversial changes to the way it handles processing payments, and basically nobody's happy about it? To wrap our heads around the rocky future of media and react to 2017's Keighleys, CNET editor editor at large (and frequent guest of Giant Bomb's Beastcast podcast) Jeff Bakalar joined myself, Rob, and Austin. We also spend way too much time speculating about a 30 second teaser for FromSoftware's new game.

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Thank goodness! I need my cheek kisses.


How dare you Danika/Patrick! The Beastcast is Jeff Bakalar!


I’m so happy he’s found a home in these trying times.


I’m glad Jeff is recovering from being…Stabbed-In-The-Bakalar by Giant Bomb.


Man that rotating seat gets around…


The discussion on trying to find an alternative to wild was mega relatable


When you leave a pause on purpose for an ad and the ad machine says “Nah we’re going to put it right after when someones mid sentence”.


It’s extra weird because Austin’s ad delivery is so straightforward and unaffected. It makes it sound like he’s just interrupting someone to mention how much he loves his Google Home.

Which, come to think of it, might be by design…

ETA: my go-to replacement for saying ‘crazy’ or ‘insane’ has somehow ended up being ‘bananas’ or, sometimes, ‘bananacakes.’


I’d absolutely support Waypoint with a subscription. Don’t know what it would look like though.


Patreon with a tier offering exclusive access to the Waypoint Twitter’s drafts?


Ok did the ad kick in just as Rob said “the more we learn about advertising efficacy the less impressive it gets-” for everyone? Because I’d like to congratulate whoever’s responsible for that choice


I have to believe that it was intentional–I refuse to believe that random chance could select the most perfect moment in the episode to drop the Google Home ad read.


It’s super disconcerting when Austin is like “here’s an ad for, idk, Google Home or something” and then the ad doesn’t play and I’m like… was that the ad?


The ad stuff is really starting to bother me. It just starts to feel unprofessional at this point, and I can’t imagine an advertiser would be happy with it either.


i love you Jeff!


I couldn’t stop laughing when that happened and I think I concerned some people who were walking past. That was brilliant.


I don’t know which is funnier: the ad placement being intentional or being an accident.

Watching the Google Home ads change slowly has been interesting. I remember when they were talking about the dissonance of gun violence and supporting video games with that violence after the Vegas shooting, and then an ad saying “Start listening without missing a shot!”

I wonder if there’s a reason they can’t/don’t do ads for other products or services.


too bad nothing on TGA lived up to your standards. I guess we all start shitting on it from now on.


It was excellent. The fact that Waypoints Radio’s ads have always felt particularly ineffective to me only made it funnier.

Also I’m convinced the placement was intentional as Austin had set up a spot for an ad break just minutes before and they didn’t use it.