Co-op Switch Games For a Long Flight

My partner and I are going to Scotland for a few weeks, and I wanted to see if the Waypoint community had recommendations for co-op games to play on the switch during our long flights both there, and back. Are there any interesting, little-known (i.e. not first-party), co-op games you enjoy?

Not sure if it counts as a big one, but the latest BOXBOY game has co-op and those games are wonderful.


While it’s not exactly coop, I have been having a blast playing Baba is You with my wife. It’s really satisfying to work through the game’s logic puzzles with someone else and it tamps down the frustration when you hit a wall.


Is overcooked well known? I have literally 0 gauge on what games are hot or not.


These are all fantastic suggestions, thanks y’all! Keep 'em coming!

Wargroove is great if you both like turn based games!


I’m also not really sure what counts as “little-known” either, but!

Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time is a classic pick. Brothers can be played with two players, too.

If you’re fine with rogue-likes: Crypt of the Necrodancer is a great game, and I’ve heard good things about Swords of Ditto, Moon Hunters and Wizard of Legend.

The Switch has a lot of ports of classic shmups, which almost always have a co-op mode, so if that’s your jam it might be fun. Same with the Capcom Beat-em-up Bundle thing!


Overcooked is an amazing co-op game, but on a flight it’s going to be a total nightmare. Every game of Overcooked I’ve played ends up in excited yelling and you really do need to be in constant communication to play well. That’s going to be tough on a plane.

Snipperclips is a fun little puzzle game to play together.


Gotta echo the recommendations for BOXBOY and Baba is You; my wife is by no means a “gamer” but loves playing both of these games with me. Both provide a very nice cooperative atmosphere–as opposed to the yelling that ensues when you play Mario Party–and I think the absence of a story would be welcome for a plane.

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I guess by “little-known” I mostly just meant no first-party games (Smash Bros., Mario Party) as we’ve played most of those already. I’ll update the first post with clarification! Also, these are all fantastic suggestions! So many games just come and go and I completely forget about them, so it’s nice to have everyone recommend these games I meant to get around to, but never did. Thanks all!

Honestly, they’re not “little known”, but I’ve had a lot of relaxed fun playing the Picross S games co-op with my partner.

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Nine Parchments is a good one if you can be patient with each other and don’t mind a bit of a challenge with regards to friendly fire.

In Nine Parchments you play as a student of magic who’s failed their exams and is sent back to re-learn the fundamentals. This is a bummer, because you need to have at least nine parchments of spells in order to be a full wizard. However, an explosion at the academy sends a bunch of parchments out into the wilds, and naturally you ditch class to try and find them.

Nine Parchements lets you play alone, but it really shines when you’re playing with at least one other person. Alone, it’s a little rote once you understand your spells and the combat, but the characters really do help sell the journey you’re going on. With another person, the game genuinely gets so much better and so much more interesting. You’re helping each other as much as hindering in this game, because friendly fire is turned on by default, and your spells are just as effective at hurting you as they are at hurting enemies. They’re also as good at healing you as they are at healing enemies.

The biggest downside I can think of to this game is that it controls a little awkwardly with the single joycons, but that’s hardly a dealbreaker for me. If you’re into mayhem and magic, Nine Parchments makes for a pretty good co-op game, and there are a few ways to customize the friendly-fire aspect as well, if the vanilla way it works isn’t your cup of tea.

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Snipperclips is a really fun, goofy co-op game. It’s not a particularly long game, but it’s very much worth playing.
Full Metal Furies is super underrated, an indie side-scrolling beat-'em-up with RPG elements and a lot of depth.
Cuphead, Enter The Gungeon, and Nuclear Throne all have co-op, but are super difficult.

Into The Breach and Slay The Spire are not really co-op, but they’re slow paced enough that you could make decisions together.


Death Squared is a pretty fun co-op game! A pretty standard puzzle game of playing on a board you maneuver around with hazards/switches that respond to player movement, sometimes in very confusing ways. The puzzles aren’t timed or dependent on fast reflexes, so you can go slow and communicate in a pretty relaxed way. There are separate maps for 2 and 4 players, apparently a shit ton of levels (it was updated a few weeks back to add even more?), and a demo so you can check out if you like it!

The voiceover jokes constantly make me groan so playing without sound is ideal.

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