Code Vein - Teenage Vampires in the Post Apocalypse

Who’s inty that Anime Dark Souls then? After a debacle with the codes that had me getting a US code instead of an EU one(turns out the EU ones are available on the EU Store Page, if any fellow Europe Dwellers wanna hop in), I got into the Closed Network Test/Beta or whatever it’s called, and I’m super jazzed about it so far. It’s everything I hoped for, loaded with raw Aesthetic and with some cool systems to play around with. I can tell the combatisn’t going to immeditely gel with a lot of folks, the animations feel very different, and a lot of enemies are high on “poise”, to use the Dark Souls term. But as someone who’s love of a game can be fueled entirely by aesthetics, it’s pushing all the right buttons for me.

Like, I havn’t gotten this excited on a character creation screen since… uh, Dragon’s Dogma, which I also got excited about all over again recently. I’m alrerady in love with my character, who looks like Big Boss by way of the Xanthous Scholars:

I’ve got as far as finishing the story content so far, and I very much enjoyed what’s been laid down. Obviously it’s anime as all fuck, I’m expecting a lot of raised eyebrows at Io’s design for sure. And it’s definitely it’s fair share of grim, very nearly treading into some Bad territory. But I love how it just goes streight into it, it didn’t take long before I was hit with the idea that literally everyone is a vampire now, I think? And the environments are lovely, I adore the main hangout area especially. I’m always here for converted spaces and huge holes in walls.

I’m looking forward to taking a look at some more of what the demo has, I’m hearing about secret bosses and the like that I’m undoubtedly gonna beat the shit out of. And I could mess about with the fashion stuff forever. I already knew that I couldn’t possibly dislike this game, so I’m glad that it’s also Good Actually so I can also enjoy it, if that makes sense.

Anyone else in the Network Test? How’s everyone looking? What veriety of Monster Mash are you doing(I’m into the Bayonets and Magic)?


What happened with the game? I remember hearing about it in late 2017, but then there was nothing.

Was on my way to the Jamiroquai concert when a bunch of guys in gas masks kidnapped me and my friend.


Is this the first 3D Souls-ish game to come out with character creation?

I realized at some point during the height of Sekiro fervor (and earlier after getting burned by Lords of The Fallen a few years ago) that that’s actually the biggest selling point for me in these sorts of games.

Like, I don’t think I know anything (or care, honestly) about this game beyond that the tools in the creator look like a lot of fun but I’m still really looking forward to this game when it comes out anyway?

I get you so much, these games are like extended character creation excersises for me. And it seems that everyone is having the realisation at the same time, Nioh and The Surge are both getting sequels with character creation instead of set characters, and I’m excited for both of those(The Surge remains super underrated).

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Technically Ashen did this too, though the creator was much more limited, what with the whole…not-having-a-face thing. This creator looks pretty good for anime faces though!

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Looks good, but will depend on how much they lean into the difficulty part. Too many people took that as the main focus of a soulslike, rather than the exploration which is what I have more fun with.

It was dated for around September of last year, got delayed, and then fell off the radar until about a month ago when the publisher revved up the promotional campaign for it.

The director’s past work was on the God Eater series, so I’d expect combat mostly similar to that but with the overarching Souls structure.

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I’m liking what I’ve played so far. The parry windows seem very generous, at least for regular enemies. I don’t know if you can parry big dudes and I’m bad at it (you can backstab them, which uses a similar animation, so I’d think so), or if you can’t parry them, but it seems a bit tougher there.

Wait, is Code Vein… Out???

Parrying seems to have a lot of variance. The animation is WILDLY different depending on what clothes you’re wearing, and I think it changes what sort of enemies you can parry. I’ve done parry counters on big enemies with the giant pair or arm like things that come with the cool coat-worn-like-a-Cape armour, but I’ve had no such luck with the quick claw parry attached to the Dracula Cape I’e got on now.

Nope, not even a date outside of “2019.” But they’re having a network test anyway.

Thanks for bringing this up; I realized that what makes me love Dark Souls so much is how many different builds and styles and expressions I can make in the world. That’s one of the reason’s Sekiro didn’t click with me in the same way.

So, in the case of Code Vein, while I think some of it looks pretty blah, having a character creator is something I look forward to, especially if there are a lot of different builds accompanying it!