Collaborative Playlist: Winter Game Music!

Hey y’all, let’s make a playlist together!

It’s that time of year: the time when I want to sip hot chocolate and get cozy by listening to a big playlist of wintery videogame tunes. Will you join me on this quest?

I’ve created a public playlist on YouTube that anyone can add videos to (though I think you need a YouTube account). If you want to participate, you can use this invite link to edit the playlist:

I’ve started the playlist off with a few of my faves, but the rest is up to you Waypoint-eers! Hit me up with your favorite snow levels, ice levels, holiday special event tunes, or whatever videogame music you think is fitting for a winter playlist. :snowflake: :musical_note:

If you just want to listen, that’s cool too! Here’s the regular link:

(This is an experiment, so if you run into issues with the link, or have suggestions for me - let me know! I think I’ll leave the playlist editable for a couple of weeks and then close it, but we’ll see. If this is fun, we can do it again with a different theme!)

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This is a really cute idea! I’ve put my default one into it because it is a very fitting for a certain aesthetic of excitable Christmas energy…

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This arrangement of Outset Island from Wind Waker is really charming.

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Nice, I went ahead and added it to the playlist for you! Hope that’s ok :slight_smile:

Maybe this is a little bit melancholy for the list, but I think it fits

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This is what careful assembling of the tracklist is for!!

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Melancholy is great as far as I’m concerned! Go ahead and add it officially (or I can if you prefer):

There are a number of other wintry tracks from this game, but I think this is my fave :snowflake:

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A bit short but a good one:

Edit: also, since this entire game takes place on a snow-covered mountain, I’m gonna count this:

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Got one more pick. It’s a bit unconventional (a Dance Dance Revolution remix), so I’ll let you decide if you wanna add it.

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I really like this idea of community-built playlists! This is really cool.

The first thing that came to mind for me was the Ice Caves music from Spelunky, but specifically the music for Wet Fur/Yeti levels when you wait around long enough for the ghost to show up and music slows down and gets kind of warped. The saxophone that comes in at around 0:50 is just so good. The regular not-ghostified version is also good but I prefer the slower jam of the ghosted one.

The other thing I thought of is the Majula theme from Dark Souls 2. It isn’t really a winter area (like, at all) but it has that sort of peaceful melancholy that I associate with winter.


@just_benj DDR is a game, so why not? :smiley: I added it.

@lastly Nice choices! If folks like the community playlist idea, I think it would be fun to do more in the future with different themes.

I have remained true to my brand and added a Mother 3 track. Thanks for setting this up, I didn’t even know collaborative playlists were a YT feature.


I added (one) Perfect Cherry Blossom track, though I’d recommend you listen to more of it (or even just play the game) if you can. It’s the platonic ideal of a winter game and every aspect of the game reflects that in one way or another.

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I added a couple more - I couldn’t help it!

5PM (Snow) - Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Flamesgrace, Guiding Light - Octopath Traveler

I hate Christmas themed things normally, and I know it’s not really a winter game, and I know Blood Money is super problematic, but every time I think of the level “You Better Watch Out…” in it, I think of the snowy mountain, the bougie party, shooting out the glass bottom of a hot tub, and this smooth track by Jesper Kyd

also shout out to my fave series, Metroid, love the snow wastes of Phendrana

also the MGS theme was literally a remix of a song by Russian composer Sviridov called “Winter Road” and that game has hella snow so, motherfuckers it counts

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Alright, I think it’s time to close the playlist. Thank you everyone who contributed songs! Here’s the final track listing:

Winter Game Music Collaborative Playlist

Track Game
Snowdin Town Undertale
Snow Night in the Woods
Freezy Flake Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy 2
Happy Holidays! Kingdom Hearts 2
Outset Island (Christmas Calendar Ver.) The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Mount Gagazet Final Fantasy X
Walrus Cove Diddy Kong Racing
Ice Cavern The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Exhale Celeste
Majula Dark Souls II
Wet Fur (Ghost Ver.) Spelunky
Silent Hill (3rd Christmas Mix) Dance Dance Revolution
Snowman Mother 3
Paradise ~ Deep Mountain Touhou: Perfect Cherry Blossom
Winter's Theme Earthbound
Snowflakes Persona 4: Golden
5PM (Snow) Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Flamesgrace, Guiding Light Octopath Traveler
Vegas Hitman: Blood Money
Phendrana Drifts Metroid Prime
Metal Gear Solid Theme Metal Gear Solid

You can listen here:

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Also, now seems like a good time to talk about… the next playlist!

So - what suggestions do y’all have for future collaborative playlist themes? If I get enough nominations, I’ll throw together a poll and let the people decide. :wink: