Collaborative Zine Project

Hey everyone,

I recently had a table at a zine festival where I sold my video game zine. I also had a notebook where I asked people “What’s your favorite video game? Why?” I got a few great answers, but I wanted more, so I’m wondering if you could help me make something cool.

For this project, I’m asking if you could hand-write your answers onto a sheet of paper, take a photo, and post it below. I’ll compile everyone’s answers into a PDF. If you’d like, I’ll even mail you a copy once I print them.

So, if you’re interested, post a photo that answers one of the following questions:

  1. What’s your favorite video game? Why?
  2. Have you ever made a friend playing an online game?
  3. Have you ever gotten into a fight because of a video game?
  4. Have you been addicted to a video game?

Also, let me know what sort of recognition you’d like, whether it’s completely anonymous, First Name and Last Initial, or full name.

Thanks so much!

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Do you have a word length in mind for these answers?

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No, but imagine it’ll be next to 20-30 other people’s favorites. So not an essay, I guess.


Can I make drawings to accompany my answers or do you want text only?

Asking because I want to participate but I’d like to tie it in to my personal work so I can make a little bit of a project out of it.


As long as you’re okay with me copying and printing, then that’s okay with me!

And I always release my stuff under a Creative Commons Attributions ShareAlike license, so I’m also fine with you taking any aspect of the final product and modifying/remixing it, too.

Here are a couple examples:

I don’t know if anyone is still following this thread, but I’m currently designing the zine and will be releasing it on Wednesday, October 4th. I already have 16 pages of a quarter-sheet legal zine, but I’ll happily add more if it’s hand-written. Please respond by Tuesday morning or I probably won’t be able to get it into this issue.


Thanks for the reminder! I’m happy to be credited as NM if you use mine.

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I finally made the zine!

You can download the zine directly through this link or view it on Issuu.

Thanks so much for contributing! I hope this interests people and I’d like to keep doing this with a different question to the general population.

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