Colonialism, Racism, and a Star Wars Trailer in the Same Podcast? Sure.


Lots of games have things in common with one another, but it’s not typically because they all share a mixture of themes related to colonialism and racism. And yet, that’s what happened with the XCOM-meets-Indiana Jones tactics game Pathway, the Lovecraft (without ignoring whole racism thing) adventure game The Sunken City, and the game about raising a cute bird that’s actually about destroying your oppressors, Falcon Age. Somehow, in all of this, we also manage to record live reactions to the new Star Wars trailer. It’s been a week.

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me, to a coworker today: oh cool a new star wars trailer
coworker: ugh I’m never watching star wars again, rey is such a mary sue and I cant stand all the SJW shit they’ve been doing
me: cool cool cool -cant stop thinking about the conversation roughly 7 hours later-


Maybe more important than the movie trailer given that this is a games site, EA seems to have learned it’s lesson? This is the game Respawn is making.


“I think we have time for one question from the bucket” says Austin, one hour left on the podcast audio.

Luv this website

Also, this might seem silly but I actually really appreciate the Waypoint Crew plugging what’s been published on the website during the podcast! I’ve stopped checking the website regularly due to it becoming kind of just a podcast vessel last year. I really appreciated saying what was going up as it brought some articles to my attention that I found really interesting!


So this definitely wasnt the focus of the podcast, but a silent hill lore reasons would be sick.


My hope is Respawns Star Wars game is the thing EA pumps a lot of resources into to try and get fans back.

My other hope is that it’s release date is soon so I can both play it and selfishly get more Apex content.


I’m pretty tapped out of MT/EA discourse, but do keep in mind that EA learned a while ago they can take back most of what they’ve said pre-launch (which isn’t actually a principally bad ability for game devs, per se). At least one of the Battlefield games said it wouldn’t do paid maps and then went and did them to the exact degree they said they didn’t want to anymore.

Granted, many many more eyes are on them here, maybe actual national policy changes as legal threats is what they needed to finally stick to not doing the thing they always do… but even so, the outrage/apology marketing ecosystem is still thriving, and they’d prolly be fine if they implemented “not that bad” MTs, even (or especially) with the uproar it would cause due to their particular reputation.

The Update That (Supposedly) Ruined Everything

Austin’s professional stats might as well just read PAPA BEAR.


Logging in to say this was a great episode and reminded me how much I miss Hot Mic Mornings. Also grateful for the Personality Alignment test info. Stupid, Feral and Cursed: hello.
And maybe I missed a proper announcement but very excited for the next Savepoint in May. Raising money for trans rights if I heard correct? Looking forward to it!


I know this is obviously extremely well tread ground at this point, but as someone who didn’t see the Last Jedi and kinda tuned out all the discourse around that time, what was the controversy with this movie? Is it literally just “there are girls in my star wars eww”?


More Hot Mic Mornings in future please. I forgot how fun they were.


There is a lot “true fans” hated but basically Rian Johnson et al. tried to advance the story, actually allow for some growth and received a lot of pushback as a result. A big thing was how Rey, the main character, is revealed to be the child of a couple of normal people and not of a great lineage like the Skywalkers. So the potential to be a Force wielder is not limited to genetics.


What @celadon said, there was a lot of hatred when it came to allowing characters to grow outside of common high adventure / space opera tropes. Rey being in her position through chance and not birth was huge.

Another big example being Poe Dameron, this trilogy’s hot headed, goes with his gut ace pilot type, who’s whole arc in the movie is him making a huge mistake which could potentially doom his best friend and the Rebellion, and learning that taking the time to think and work through problems as a team can be more advantageous than off the cuff hot-headed decisions. This confused people. I talked to people who literally couldn’t understand why they would “make” Poe do this against his will and/or nature. Star War fans are wild sometimes.

I also don’t want to take away how rooted all of that is in pushback against women characters in positions of power in the story. Admiral Holdo (Laura Dern) got pushback because she took no shit and was trying to get Poe in line so her character gets all the blame from fans for “changing” his character. Also she has purple hair and apparently thats too far for some people. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Rey not being explicitly tied to a linage of powerful men was too much.


So that lovecraft short story with “the white apes” is about a guy who learns that his distant relatives had sex with an African tribe of ape people and “tainted” their family’s gene pool, making them weird looking and aggressive and then self-immolating himself to end his family line. It’s not the greatest look… I think that was one of the first H.P. Lovecraft stories I read when a friend gifted me a book of stories for Christmas one year (she just thought I’d be interested and had never read any of his works prior) and that when I realized “Yo this dude is a blatant racist! WTF?!”.


Also found out last night, it was known for a while but I didn’t know, this Star Wars game isn’t being made in frostbite but is instead UE4. As for the discourse on Star Wars lore and bloodlines and I feel like Austin or Rob might have said this once, having characters be related to each makes the universe seem small.


there’s no general star wars thread and nobody’s made one for fallen order yet so uh, is this the right place to say fallen order’s protag is the most boring awful protag casting/character design choice A) since disney acquired the SW license, and B) for the story they’re already hinting at wanting to tell?

like wowie chris avellone and a dude who worked on mafia 3 making a game with promo art
and title evocative of jedi knight and a dark post-prequel tone, and all my enthusiasm got sapped by this treasure planet-lookin-ass white weirdo being the only fool we can play. Doubly suss considering the shitty non-discourse SW’s casting’s become semi-infamous for.

between this and the implication that Ep. IX’s aiming to undo the very good ideas TLJ had in favor of garbo EU-adjacent tropes (and Solo being a bit crap), this current Star War ain’t feelin so hot.


“Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family” is easily one of the most explicitly racist and worse stories Lovecraft wrote probably beaten out in terms of just outright racism by “The Horror in Red Hook” (Danielle was right, Lovecraft had plenty of shitty things to say about Brooklyn when he lived there), “He,” “The Terrible Old Man,” and maybe “Herbert West—Reanimator” (not the plot on a whole but how a boxer figures in to it). His other stories may be permeated with racism and have ugly passages thrown in, but these are works entirely devoted a racisr panic and horror.


re: lovecraft’s racism, you don’t really need to get into his writing. all you need to look at is what he named his cat.


I was thinking the same thing. no offense to cameron monaghan but they couldn’t have found anyone more interesting? anyone at all?


Just a heads up, the podcast page has a typo: the page says “The Sunken City” instead of “The Sinking City”, which is the correct title for the adventure game.