Colonialism, Racism, and a Star Wars Trailer in the Same Podcast? Sure.


one of the supporting characters in the fallen order trailer is played by Debra Wilson

you know, the lady who proved the worth of full face/body mocap acting a billion times better than every white dude headliner cast “for their mocap performance” with just her New Colossus performance alone

the lady who’s imdb page is made up of many games she would have made a more interesting and better-acted protagonist in.

hey video games you’re supposed to be marginally more woke by now. even if it’s performative, please, please please, just let me play as Debra Wilson.




I’d like to believe that The Sinking City could handle racism well but Frogwares’ track record suggests otherwise. Their most recent Sherlock Holmes games include such bizarre gems as “the murderer killing his victims with the assistance of a very small man he brought back from Central America, who is treated more or less as a totally loyal murder weapon without any agency of his own”, or “Sherlock realizing a cigar he’s smelling is Mexican by mentally constructing a picture of a sombrero”.