Come, bring me your favorite Gacha games so that I may feast

Looking to waste some time on a new Gacha game. The ol Puzzle and Dragons and Sega heroes just aren’t doing it for me anymore.

Honestly, Gacha games just feel like clickers that are slightly more interactive and multitudes more greedy. Still, it’s good junk food.

Any favorites, y’all?

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There’s a lot of good suggestions in this recent thread!: Gacha / Phone Games Topic 2.0

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I love Azur Lane because as far as gacha games go it’s extremely, extremely fair. There’s no “use premium currency for better gacha pulls” in that game at all and though there are things you can do to cut down on grind that you have to pay for, that shit is very out of the way and it’s extremely easy to play for free and not feel like you’re constantly being harassed for money.

The character designs are what they are (very anime, sometimes a bit lewd) and I know that that turns people off from the game. As far as the gameplay goes I normally play on auto but it has a more interactive way of playing if you want that.

The only other Gacha game I’m playing right now is Star Trek Timelines but that game is full of aggressive F2P nonsense and I’m only playing it right now because I love Star Trek.