Comey fired by Trump


This is still breaking, but praising the man who mishandled your rivals’ email investigation, and then firing him the moment he starts investigating your potential ties with Russia, is perhaps the most Trump thing this administration has done so far.


And now Donald Trump gets to appoint the FBI director who will investigate Donald Trump.


In case you need further evidence that this is anything but benign, 45 fired Comey hours after Grand Jury subpoenas were issued in relation to the FBI’s investigation into Michael Flynn’s business connections to Russian investors.


Only Trump could fuck up something as simple as firing Comey, a horrible person actively hated by many prominent Republicans and Democrats alike who has entire reports and studies to his name about how he’s no longer fit for the position.

But doing it this suddenly at this time with that letter is like, it’s definitely the “we’re sure this is a super clever 4th dimensional chess power play even though it’s actually the dumbest possible action to take at this time” kind of move that would come from Steve Bannon.




we live in a dystopia


Feel like stuff like this hasn’t happen since the Nixon administration. At this point I feel as if the Republican party is getting sick of these charades. Know some might argue that the Republican party used Trump as a smokescreen of sorts (with him taking up the media’s attention) to pass some legislation but at this point it’s getting ridiculous. Don’t agree with Mike Pence on a personal or a political level but at the very least he is somebody with experience. Just hope he would take the Presidency seriously if Trump stands down or is straight up forced to resign.


The whole “lesser of two evils” argument is really hard to take seriously when the “lesser” evil is a religious extremist and homophobe with a track record of eroding what few government protections we have for the LGBT+ community.

Honestly, the entire situation is fucked. Anything short of implicating the entire line of succession in this Russia mess down to the next Democrat in line would equate to less than nothing, other than putting someone more competent and just as outright malevolent into the Oval Office.


So would you be more happy with a scenario where both the President and Vice President resign (like with Nixon and Agnew) and the Speaker of the House takes over as President (like President Ford)? Or do you feel like the Republican Party just needs to collect itself after all of the events that have happened over the past year? I identify as a democrat but if each party sees each other as malevolent then progress will never come about (no matter how small). Feel like if anything the country should start getting rid of the Electoral College. Know it doesn’t equate to much but it’s a start.


Honestly? I feel like at this point, it’s completely fair to identify the Republican Party as the bureaucratic equivalent of unabashed evil.

We’re talking about a political party that just voted to strip millions of their constituents of their healthcare for no other reason than petty ideological spite, consistently vilifies LGBT+ Americans and persons of color for demanding a seat at the table and more equitable political treatment, and they’re willing to resort to lies and hypocrisy whenever it suits them so that they can continue to use their political office as a means to line their pockets.

The GOP is poison. The only way our political system will improve is by recognizing that as a basic fact of modern American politics, and by mobilizing to strip them of their power.


Pence has something resembling competency and certainly a deeper understanding of how government works. I’d feel less worried about him wrecking the economy overnight, but I think the changes he’d be able to execute even before midterms would be disastrous for anybody who doesn’t go to his church.

I have an iota (one, singular, iota) of respect for Tillerson, but his track record so far shows that he’d probably decline to take office if Pence was booted as well.


The flip side of that is if we’re going to settle for “basic competency” in a President, we’re just perpetuating a broken political system.

Regardless of whether or not Pence is a gentler alternative to Trump, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a horrible person. We need to demand better, and if that doesn’t provoke a profound change within Republican dogma, then we need to remove the GOP from power entirely.

And considering how people have spent the last 20+ years trying to drag the GOP further left with absolutely no level of success, I think it’s time to move forward with mobilizing to vote the fuckers out of office.


I want to agree with and believe in this but deep down in side I’m confidant that every single Republican that has spoken out against this and expressed concern tonight will fully recant and be saying that firing Comey was the right move by 10AM tomorrow.


I hear you, settling for Pence is about as appealing as a nice glass of raw sewage.

But demanding the resignation or whatever of everybody in the chain of succession until we get to somebody worth a damn is going to break our political system far worse than a term under a theocrat where we fight like hell to make him a lame duck from day one.

If we’re going down that route we’ll probably be picking the 47th president with bayonets instead of ballots.


Today I’m fighting Immortan Joe. If I have to fight Mr. Handmaid’s Tale tomorrow, I’ll keep doing that.


Exactly. Then my conservative friends are sharing memes of left leaning site saying Comey should be fired, and yelling hypocrisy. He should have beef fired a long time ago, but the timing is very suspicious. They don’t get that, they don’t want to, or they don’t care… and it scares me.


Comedian Jimmy Dore beautifully points out how corporate Democrats like Keith Olbermann and John Podesta have completely flip-flopped on the political value of this firing. FIrst they were saying Comey should be fired. Then they came back after Trump actually did it, and act like it’s impeachable offense. Which is it? If that doesn’t prove the conversation around this action is being completely controlled by disinformation agents, nothing does.


Jimmy would almost have a point if Trump had fired Comey after the investigation about Russia had concluded, rather than directly before.

Or if Comey had been fired directly after the election, and not several months later.

Really out of all the low-effort criticisms of how people are reacting to this situation, that is one of the laziest.


dang disinformation agents are at it again!


Ironically your point is very low effort because you’re assuming they need James Comey to investigate the “Russian/Republican conspiracy.”

Do you realize the FBI has 30,000 employees? Do you honestly think their political figurehead, their director, is going to be what makes or breaks it? I think they can handle the Russia investigation just fine. I doubt however you’ll see anything come of that investigation. It’s clearly a distraction from corruption in the DNC, as the Russians actually did us a favor by exposing real corruption in our elections. Realize any time the MSM is pushing a narrative (like “Russiagate”) without any evidence you have to be suspicious.