Coming out as Bisexual


Hello everyone i’m from france, sorry about any typo. I Told my mom i was bisexual not long ago. She said that it was normal and the she will always love me and that she will always be there for me. I had anxiety attack day and month before finally gathering the courage to tell her that. Living inside the closet was harsh and stress inducing but now that i’m out, I feel better and can only hope it will get better and better


You are very courageous


That’s awesome :slight_smile: It’s really cool that you have a mom that supports you, and it was super brave of you to come out to her. Félicitations :heart:


Congrats from a fellow bisexual! Glad you gathered the courage to come out. Especially happy your mom was so cool about it.


Thank you Everyone!


Congrats to you. :slight_smile:

I wish mine had gone so well with my mother, almost ended up homeless.


Coming out was definitely a major thing for me too, I felt way less stressed. Granted I’m not out to all of my family (Texas Republican family and all), but I am out to my immediate family and friends, and that’s enough.

Happy to hear things went well!


Congrats! I also reached a very low place before coming out to my parents and it can be such a relief when you finally do. I’m glad the response was so positive!


Welcome to the best club! As an elder bisexual, were glad to have you. You did a really nice thing and I hope you continue to feel proud and awesome being yourself. :blue_heart::purple_heart::heartpulse:


Glad to be a member!


I forgot to mention as a fellow bisexual, you are now a dragon who will only be visible for one day of the year (bisexual visibility day, where are spell is momentarily broken). Please use your invisible dragon powers responsibly. Also, don’t bother with bank heists, invisibility is useless against lasers (plus, as a dragon, you are now huge).


I love this post, lol


Congratulations! You must feel relieved that everything went that smoothly! I’m sure things are gonna get better from now on :slight_smile:


welcome to the club! i’m so glad your mom is supportive and that you were able to tell her :heartpulse:


I’m glad you had the courage to do it and that your mom took it the only way a parent should: acceptance and love.


Congratulations! I think a lot of non-queer people underestimate how difficult coming out can still be and how much courage is often required, and I’m glad your mom responded well. Massive kudos to ya.


That’s awesome! Congrats <3


You are very brave. Good for you and your mother being accepting. You should keep her around :wink:


Congrats! I’m out to a couple friends/acquaintances, but no family. Right after I decided that yes, I was bi I ended up in a job where I basically had to hide that and lie to prevent harassment. (Will never forever this big dude asking me “what would you do if I called you a f**” and just freezing. Also, friends reassuring me that “of course they knew I was straight”…)

I’m not there anymore but I’m back living with conservative catholic parents and I’m in a relationship with a woman so…it’s been easier just to hide. I hate it, and I feel like a coward, but that’s my life for now.

But I’m happy you made it, and I can take some transitive pride in that!


Thank you all for sharing your stories. Much love :heart: