Coming out as Bisexual


Thank you all !


Glad to hear your mom is being so supportive!


Support from your family and friends cannot be replaced by anything. Welcome to the community. Anxiety and fear of stigma never truly goes away, but knowing that you have a support system close to you and an extended community that can share experiences and offer its own support in addition helps so so so immensely. Enjoy that open life! #ourbestgays


I have nothing to add to the wise words of other bisexuals in this thread, but just wanted to show my bi-solidarity! <3


Thank you I just wanted to tell you how thankfull i am for your support!

And also I just told my best friend today and we are dating as of now !


Congratulations! It’s great to know it went so well. I’m glad your folks are open minded and accepting!

I came out to my family last year. All my siblings accepted and loved me, but my conservative mother very harshly rejected me. It was enough to bring me to tears at the time, despite the support I had from the rest of my family. She still hasn’t accepted me today, and my relationship with her is rocky, but living and spending time with open minded people who accept me puts me at ease. I’m glad you’re finding similar peace with your family!

I wish the best for your future<3!


I am still wondering if i am Bi but probably i am altho my future plan is to have a wife and kids. But i would not mind to have sex with a hot dude or cute one at all (already had as a young teenager with good a friend and i did not mind it).

No one irl knows and i will probably keep it that way.

Edit: good that you could do it and got so much support! Took a lot of courage i assume.



I feel lucky that I never had to formally come out to my mom. I used to run a college radio show, and one time I said something about how “my family thinks I’m straight”, and my mom happened to be listening. So when I got home she asked me if I was Bi and all I had to say was “Yes.” I don’t know long I would’ve put it off if I had to approach her myself.


Beautiful to hear that your mum was supportive and you no longer have to keep yourself hidden anymore. I hope things continue to get better from here on. :smiley:





That’s great! Always good to hear when these things work out well.

I’ve only come out to some friends so far and even that was nerve-wracking. Knew they wouldn’t shun me or anything, but it didn’t make coming out any easier. Felt good to finally be open about it. Being silent about being bi for so long was rough.

Probably should tell the family at some point, but with how they’ve made it clear it they’re fine if one of us ever came out, I haven’t really felt the need to. Helps that my parents already know most of us are queer in some way.


Congratulations! That is a brave thing to do, I’m glad to hear your mother was very supportive! :two_hearts:


Félicitations ! It hate the fact that you fell stressed about coming out. As a dad, I cannot wait to meet the person that my kids will be and celebrate whatever choices they make.
I don’t know if you’re happy to share that, but was there anything in your mum’s attitude beforehand that would have lead you to believe she would not be supportive?


Reading this thread really warms my heart. I actually came out to my mom 1 week ago and it went really well. I kinda did more than a year ago by saying I was interested in trying sex with men (I had already “tried” multiple times :sweat_smile: ), but I didn’t say it clearly, since our relationship was rocky and I didn’t want to add another layer of stress. A week ago she asked me if I was trans… That moment I realized I was being a bit selfish, she was reaching out and I had been ignoring her. She was confused, so we sat down and had a chat about gender and sexual orientation. She said "I’ll be happy as long as you’re happy, whoever you chose."
I couldn’t have asked for a better. I think it’s fine to be selfish and not wanting people to know your sexuality (safety always first), it’s yours and nobody else’s business. But sometimes when given the chance people can surprise you. I don’t think she’s stoked about it, but little steps I guess.

It’s a shame my mom doesn’t speak english though, it would have been great to sing this: Crazy Ex Girlfriend Spoilers


You are very courageous to share your story and helps build a much more inclusive society.


This comment made my day. I have only recently come out to my family, and I am from a Mormon family, and I attend BYU. It is very hard to be out here, but thankfully, there are some resources here. I can’t wait to realize my dragon self, haha.


As a biromantic heterosexual, I definitely wish to offer my congratulations and show all the little solidarity I’m technically allowed.

My coming out to my parents really was just defining to both themselves and myself how I think guys are hot but everything below the belt disagrees. Luckily I’m not the first LGBT+ in the family. Sounds like you definitely had to face a heftier challenge so congrats again on that apparently going smoothly.

Also by the logic of the above post and the one it’s replying to does that mean I get to be a wyvern or some lesser variety of drake?


I’m three months late but whatever. Hell fuckin’ yeah, @Hoprealm! Congrats!!! (It’s also cool to know your mom’s awesome and super supportive as well!)


Hey, bisexual guy here! Been out of the closet for about a year and it’s great. I’m glad your mother is supportive of your identity.
Being openly bisexual is tough, and people can be very dismissive of it. But you’ve taken a big step towards yourself and away from fear. I know that for me, being closeted had a lot to do with my anxiety and depression. Just telling the truth was an act of relief.


This thread is so lovely. Congratulations on coming out, that takes a lot of strength, and I’m really happy to hear your mother is receptive and supportive of you! More and more recently, I’ve started wondering about my own sexuality and if I’m bi as well, and should that day come I can only hope that it goes as well as what you’ve described.