Coming out as Bisexual


Congrats. I went off my bipolar meds AND moved out of my parents house AND moved in with roommates I barely knew except from sometimes hanging out with them at lunch during work (coworkers) and yeah I got evicted and went hunched over carrying boxes back to my parents’ house the next day…I maybe got 20 hours of sleep that whole week before I was evicted and I did shove a dog off me but that’s because he bit my face for no reason. I don’t know.

Point I was trying to make is that I felt very strongly that I was genderfluid during that time and for maybe a month after. And I still feel that way during manic episodes or when I get drunk and “buzzed.”

Life is complicated. Life is short. Don’t live a lie. If you are gay, tell everyone. If you are straight, be tolerant and supportive of those who aren’t or who aren’t ready to say they aren’t. Always be an ally no matter their race, gender identity, amount of time you’ve known them, etc.


I… what? I don’t get that point from ANYTHING in your first paragraph.


cishet guy here so you know, pinch of salt but… but maybe not the best advice in every circumstance. stay safe and use your best judgement friends.


Yeah right? The worst part was swallowing my pride and calling my parents to ask them to help me move everything back…when it HAD been in their house just a week before. My dad always says stuff like “This won’t work” or “This is a bad idea” every time I want to do something SLIGHTLY risky that he doesn’t like. It sucked…haha


This is up at the top of the forum despite the last reply time, but I thought I would take this spot to say I came out to my mother recently as both non-binary and bi (pan?, but also I prefer the sound of bi??) and as rough as it was, I’m super glad to have it out in the world outside of text online