Command & Conquer Remastered, Time to Rock 'n Roll

If you’ve not been updated on the topic, it sounds like the folks at EA treated this franchise with respect for once and went to Petroglyph to get some of the former Westwood Studios team that made the original games. They’ve been in touch with the Reddit community during the entire development and the results are promising to say the least.

Sounds like this June 5th (next Friday!) we’re getting a very cool remaster of both C&C and C&C Red Alert with an improved interface, chance to switch between old and new graphics on the go, all the missions available and a remaster of the OST by Frank Klepacki. Also, the latest news is that the source code has been released so that the modding community can go nuts and give us some superbuffed Tesla Mammoth tanks and whatnot. Also, any excuse to blast Hell March on my PC is welcome.

So yeah, this is not the most methodical tactics franchise but it’s tingling my nostalgia enough to get me hyped. Am I alone in this?


If this turns out alright it would be nice of them to consider giving us an easy way to play a spruced up Red Alert 2. This is EA though so my feelings have been trained to never move beyond very cautious optimism.


I am going to get this partially in hopes that they remake Tiberian Sun which is my favorite C&C game

Now who the heck would play the game with ludicrous “remastered” graphics when that legacy graphics mode exists and looks perfect?

Only you can say NO to HD graphics texture packs

I actually think the remastered graphics look pretty nice, but yeah the original sprites still look awesome even when scaled up. I’ll probably play with the remastered cutscenes but legacy sprites.