Comments are now disabled by default on Steam reviews

This Reddit thread reports a change to posting user reviews. Now you have to explicitly enable an option for other people to comment on it. I did a quick login to my Steam account and confirmed that’s correct, and the option is unchecked by default.

Most of the people in that thread seem to be (predictably) pissed, but I think this is actually quite good, if only to keep the usual suspects from brigading reviews they don’t agree with.

And yeah, that’s a tiny positive step on a platform that has a bunch of bigger issues. Take what you can get, etc.


That seems like a good change but also they really need a way of making it so I don’t have to be on the same plane of virtual existence as the reactionaries who have decided to be the loudest niche online.

I really don’t care if 9 out of 10 MAGA hats and neo-Nazis hate that BattleTech is in any way (like, literally doing no more than many nations do for their official identification) gender-inclusive. Take all of that noise and please throw it somewhere where I don’t see it when connected to Steam and trying to use it to look up stuff about games (oh, and while we’re talking Steam’s big data, please absolutely ignore any data they might have in recommending me new games).


It would be nice to be able to filter reviews by keywords or something. Always annoying when you’re trying to determine if a game is generally well liked or not but the reviews are skewed by people complaining about absolute non-issues like the Battletech pronoun options, or people are review bombing it due to anger about no Chinese translation or something.


Honestly convinced Steam would be a great platform if they removed every single community run feature because Steam’s community is a fucking cesspool of the worst people imaginable.


I’m honestly surprised by this move, not because I think it’s a bad change or anything. It’s just that Steam, at least in my memory so I could be off base about this, have never really talked about doing anything like this. Honestly with how… community focused (I guess???) their platform is I’m surprised to see them limit the community in anyway, for better or worse.

Again though, this is a good ass change

I’ve never had anything but pedantic disagreements on any reviews I’ve put up so it’s probably the right choice


Less ways the Steam “community” of toxic sludge has to interact with people, the better.

Now if only we could remove like 90 of the other ways they’ve poisoned Steam.

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I, too, have fantasized about, “what if Steam, but good?” While they’re at it, they can take all the underage anime porn off of the service.



There’s definitely been more adult games popping up on the store, but I haven’t noticed much underage stuff unless it was that weird ass simulator game that wasn’t real porn but was filled with pedophilia jokes and whatever crap western devs who have clearly just stolen art off Pixiv or ripped from existing games fart out, and that stuff is just white noise to me now.

they should ban anyone who’s ever left a steam review from steam

also they should ban all gamers from steam


Having the ability to disable or enable comments, with the latter as the default, as an option: Totally Fine! why would we ever care?

Having the ability to disable or enable comments, with the former as the default, as an option: It’s the post-modern neo-Marxists! Arrrghhh!

Steam is a cesspool, honestly. I am frustrated constantly by its predominance on the PC market. It feels like the Amazon of games. (Good thing those are both centered in King County… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: )

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I’m exaggerating slightly. It’s mostly just ecchi, not porn per se, but you have no idea how startling and uncomfortable it is seeing a game called Deep Space Waifu: Flat Justice pop up on the auto-scroll. Yikes yikes yikes

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As someone who’s actually seen a lot of real porn games, light smut on Steam doesn’t bug me much, though I will agree that particular game is …yeah.

Weird thing: I have the first game and it’s actually fun and has a cool style to it, and it gets bonus points for not being loli themed

Came across one called “Sweetest Monster” that has a “very positive” review score (spoilers and CW for rape) Main characters relationship with their wife is bad and he hasn’t spoken to their daughter in forever. Then magic cat girl enters his life and they fuck but surprise she’s secretly possessing the body of his daughter! Oh and it’s the type of VN where you have no choices so even though you can see the twist coming a mile away there’s nothing you can do but go with the flow. So I guess if incest rape is your thing Steams the place to get your VN’s now.

Welcome to the wild world of hentai games!

The shock of this stuff long vanished for me, and the fact it’s popping up on Steam doesn’t bug me as much as it has no idea how to clarify the objectionable elements on the store page. Valve can’t decide if it wants those games there or not and keeps trying to appease two sides of a debate that don’t have a middle to meet, so they just try to pretend that the outright adult stuff on there is whatever it advertises itself as, and a lot of it doesn’t make it clear because they’re terrified of Valve’s random porn game sweeps (and they ALWAYS pick the strangest targets).

There needs to be an 18+ warning or something supplied by Valve that developers and publishers can use without fear of their game being randomly removed.

Hey, we appreciate this sort of content is on Steam and worth discussing, but just want to nudge folks to be mindful of Rule 5 when talking about this manner of content. The above is fine but approaching what the mod team would consider actionable, so just a heads up to keep the discussion more on policy and less on the details of particular games.

(P.S. The spoiler tags and content notes are appreciated!)


I misinterpreted that headline as saying devs could decide whether or not to have steam reviews…

And I’d be happy with that. Yeah some Steam spammers of bad games would benefit from that option, but if it meant less harassment campaigns I’d be down.