Communism Works Beautifully On Our Dedicated 'Valheim' Server

Like more than 5 million people who bought the game since it launched in February, I’ve been playing  the surprise hit game Valheim. Its potent mix of Breath of the Wild and Minecraft with a viking aesthetic is shockingly polished and doesn't feel like it's missing much despite still being in early access. But it’s a struggle to survive Odin’s trials alone and much more fun to play Valheim with friends. You can do this by simply joining a friend's session, but if you don't mind spending a monthly fee on top of Valheim's $20 price, the best way to enjoy Valheim’s multiplayer is to pay for a service to host a dedicated server for you.

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Communism Works Beautifully On Our Dedicated ‘Valheim’ Server


I use one called g-portla and pay $14 a month to run the server.

I’m trying to strongly resist the urge to discuss min maxing server costs using spot instances to shave $4-5 off that monthly price.