Community Video Game Clip Thread


With every major console having the ability to save clips of gameplay and upload them to social media and taking video of PC (hell, even mobile) games is easier than ever, why not share them with the Waypoint community?

Got a combo you finally pulled off in UNIST? A funny glitch in Red Dead? A cool moment in Ape Legs? A line of dialogue that made you laugh? This is the thread to post it in.


  • Please keep clips under 2-3 minutes. This is a thread for a single clip of gameplay, not full streams.
  • Also please post your own clips. If you want to share someone else’s video, look for a thread around that game instead.

Some examples from my twitter (slowly adding these clips to Youtube because Twitter’s compression and video players sucks.):


I took this clip to try and sell a friend of mine on Baba is You (it worked and that game is great, go buy it.)

It might be slightly hard to understand if you don’t know the concept of the game, it’s basically a puzzle game where all the main rules are interactive objects on screen. So “Baba” “is” and “You” lining up means the object of Baba is given the property of “You” which basically just means you control it and Wall is Stop means Walls stop you…that should be more than enough to get how smart that game is from the clip…

A clip from Wandersong that basically reflects how I feel every day these days:

This one is a bit more of a compilation of clips, I put together a video making fun of a part in Yakuza 6 where a character mentions Kiryu never killing people. (some minor spoilers for Yakuza 6 in this one, nothing big though.)


Made this compilation the other day of some wild Warframe hoverboard bails:

Obligatory Apex Vid (Lucky grenade kill):

I also have another good Apex vid of an intense match ending/win I got last weekend. (It’s a bit longer than 4 min, so I’m gonna cheat and just link to my forum post that has the video :wink:)

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I post a bunch of splatoon clips to my twitter. Here are a few!

Bonus spicy Tetris99 win:


I’ve shown that Yakuza 6 clip to like 7 people at this point and every single one of them thought it was fucking brilliant. Good work.

EDIT: Some more clips

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Warning! This is loud!

i made this and i think it’s extremely funny but maybe its not


It’s to the point in a way that video game shooting rarely is. I like it.

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This is the only good round of Siege I’ve ever played.


Oh also my friend and I did a completely legit boss strategy guide for River City Ransom

Thanks! It was one of those things where I saw that line in game and was like “Wait what?” and needed to make a video.

What game is this one from? I would like to forever avoid it.

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Oh hey! A thread to dump all my dumb For Honor clips into!


Spoilers for Final Fantasy X, I guess?


I offer this sloppy yet dramatic DBFZ comeback.


Stories: The Path of Destinies.

I really wanted it to be good, but any respect or enjoyment I had with the game evaporated with that line.

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Here’s a couple. First, a moment of shame and hubris in Breath of the Wild, when I’d thought I’d created my own ad-hoc airship:

Next, in Anthem, I was out in freeplay on Grandmaster 2 difficulty, with my newly-Masterwork-level Ranger, just looking for a few scenic overlooks to complete a challenge, when I stumble across a Scar Luminary (giant walking tank with a lot of weaponry) + friends and decide to try soloing it, which I pulled off!


Here are some reeeeaaally old PUBG clips that I just remembered I had:


It’s Ape Legs o’Clock

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I made a cameo in the 2nd video! :smile:

Good stuff here, that 3rd video is very good haha

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Couple more apple aka ApLe aka Apex Legends videos:

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Another batch of Apex

Warning with this last video, it’s LOUD

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I picked up Android 21 after the latest DBFZ patch and I started messing around with some combos. Neither are super optimal but it’s really my first time labbing stuff for myself and I thought they looked cool.

I also had two moments that made me chuckle against this one person.