Connection between how you played as a kid and how you enjoy videogames

I got the idea for this by Rob and Patrick in WP Radio 213; discussing how they’re enjoyment of open world games was tied to the way the played with Legos as a kid. As well as Danielle bringing up a few months ago how she often equipped new items and upgrades in Into the Breach. Not because they were necessarily the best or most efficient, but because they were new and cool. Danielle: “Yeah well I’m basically just a toddler playing with toys.”

How do you see the way you used to play as a child correlate with your style and preference in videogames today? For myself there’s a strong leaning towards roleplaying and immersion, corresponding with the fact that when I was little I would also prefer make-believe games, often all by myself. I’m less interested in playing a game ‘well’ or do the most efficient or optimal way to win, and more in the atmosphere and “window dressing” as Patrick put it in his RDR2 piece. I think in the podcast they went further in the Lego analogy where you either were interested in (re)building stuff, or building your thing and then going to act out cool stories with it.

Would love to hear your experiences with this :slight_smile:

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I have decided that I’m going to blame my inability to finish most games on the fact that I only owned like two games as a kid, but I got to rent them a lot.

I think the thing that comes to mind for me is like… specifically the amount of time I play video games. It was usually my activity of choice as a kid, and up through my adolescence and young adulthood I’d play for 5-6+ hours at a time.

Now that I’m an adult with a job and family and responsibilites…I can’t really do that any more and it’s definitely changed the way I play games and also the kind of games I enjoy. There are certain genres or specific games that aren’t as fun to me if I can’t sit down and just get completely absorbed in for a weekend, so…I just don’t really play them any more!