Context-Free Screenshot Thread (Image Intensive)


The new ones for Answer and Baiken are also Very Good



So I’ve been compiling images of the sort of ad-hoc “people sculptures” that total strangers, most likely without talking to each other, make in the lobby of PUBG. It’s always strangely poetic, and always birthed organically. Going to write an article about it, but here are some gems so far:

This is what I refer to as the “people cage” when everybody decides they need to block the pathing of another stranger, jumping up and down. I have never been people-caged.

I call this “Saving Private Ryan-ing” which is an evolution of the “Snake Train” in which people crawl single file in to the distance.

This is “Head Wrestling” in which you wiggle back and forth, trying to prevent the other two people in the triangle from crawling out of the head wrestle. It seems in this image that a fourth stranger is attempting to head wrestle with us.

EDIT: Forgot this was context-free, but I don’t think this is nearly as much of a fascinating anthropological study without the context.












Jet Set Radio (2000)



I’m amazed that this thread has been going this long and it’s still producing works of art like this.