Context-Free Screenshot Thread (Image Intensive)















I’m going to commit a cardinal sin and provide context for this one


I saw, on the Internet, a lot of people talking about how Twin Peaks: The Return reminded them of old adventure games (which I broadly agreed with in a curious way - though many of them mentioned Myst, which is a series I was never able to get on with). It felt doubly peculiar, then, to see in episode 16 – when Richard dies / is exploded into another dimension / whatever at that strange rock – just how much this scene reminded me of this part of Sam & Max… similar setting, and a similar sense of mystery / being invested in a work of fiction that took me back to playing this as a child.





wait, how the heck did you get that beautiful effect on these? is it something you added later or can i do it in the game?




I add it later, it’s a photoshop add on called Topaz Simplify.

I’ve used it before for Witcher 3 and Horizon to produce some pretty amazing pictures.



oh my god…this brushel is even more frightening than the DS version


Butterfly Soup is very good


Benchmarks with free-camera modes are weird. More of this please.