Context-Free Screenshot Thread (Image Intensive)


every xcom players dream is happening right here




Thank you for screenshotting this, Steve Gaynor.




[This was meant to be a separate thread with a totally different vibe but the topic got merged here, I feel I’ve invaded!]

This thread may already exist in some capacity but if not I wanted to give people a space where they can post some of the screenshots they took in games that they’re particularly proud of. The rise of the in-game photo mode has made for some really great options to edit pics until they’re just right, but there’s also an art to hitting F12 or the share button at just the right time to capture something special, even if it’s a part of a cutscene!

So please, share away! And feel free to give all the context you’d like to your pics!


Those are some great shots! I love the HZD one! That’s some great framing.
Here are some screenshots I’ve taken that I really like:


Finally, a reason to keep my HG101 article pics around!

Mass Effect

A New Beginning


That horizon picture is very nicely composed! All of them actually, but that horizon one is lovely!



i feel like me1 shouldn’t be old enough to evoke the nostalgia i’ve had for it in recent weeks. thanks for these shots.






Oldie from Papo & Yo:

From The Marble Nest, a.k.a. the pre-alpha for the Pathologic remake a.k.a. Pathologic 2:


ME1 has such a weird, good look that you’ve really captured in some of these shots. It’s hazy, on the edge of later AAA, aesthetic is really magnificent.