Context-Free Screenshot Thread (Image Intensive)



I’ve been playing a shit tonne of Initial D Special Stage on my PS2 recently so this speaks to me more than you know.


Aw, I’m jealous! I’ve never played an official Initial D game–I don’t think they ever got an official release over here, and importing one would’ve been a little beyond my 14-year-old self’s means (That’s around when I discovered the series, and when my Initial D fandom was at its most intense. I also didn’t get a PS2 until the 360 and PS3 had already been out for years, which certainly didn’t help!)

The Forza Horizon custom soundtrack feature, plus a mountain road at night, goes at least some of the way towards scratching the itch, however:

Needless to say, I’m really hoping those Forza Horizon 4: Japan rumours pan out!


Yeah it’s really unfortunate that they don’t put the initial D games out here in any capacity anymore. At least back in the Fourth Stage days we got the arcade games, but the arcade market here is dead in the traditional sense and the games stopped coming over.

The home games for the PS2, PSP and PS3 are pretty easy to get your hands on though. Special Stage is the one I think holds up best and doesn’t run you that much on Ebay these days. Of course you’d need a Japanese PS2 to play it properly, but it does emulate relatively well on PCSX2.




In all fairness she is old enough to drink


Hi all. I love game photography almost as much as playing.
Here are some of Horizon Zero Dawn but I have others from other games on my flikr account (
Horizon Zero Dawn


A panorama from HZD
Horizon Zero Dawn Mountain Panorama


Nice welcome! :frowning: bye!


That game always looks so beautiful that I kind of want to get a PS4 just so I can wander around in HZD’s world.


More Mafia 3 adventures.








Fortnite is a great video game


These are all from the same series.

And yes, those last four are all in game graphics.

On the medium quality setting.


Okay I have to find out now why the moon has such large, luscious lips.