Context-Free Screenshot Thread (Image Intensive)














Octo Expansion, for those who are avoiding it.


Assassin’s Creed: Origins has a fantastic photo mode:


The palm trees in that game look so good.



That last picture is super good.

That game has such cool forboding skies!


Yeah I am just consistently in awe of the skies in Witcher 3, they add so much to the mood and really make you feel the time and weather changing so much more than most games. Sometimes it just feels like you’re exploring a living painting by some lost Flemish master! I definitely need to play around with the ansel photo mode more.


blood and wine really nailed this. the backdrop of a forest when approaching the mountain that was cleaved through, the landscape capped with a beautiful blue sky, that game man…


Blood and wine feels like it is very far away at the point I’m at in the game but having seen screenshots, god I am so excited to reach it. I want to go on a beautiful vacation to fantasy french riviera and just soak in the rolling green hills and summer skies!!



I’m excited for you. enjoy that first playthrough. that expansion just feels like a long goodbye for Geralt.