Context-Free Screenshot Thread (Image Intensive)


Hellbade has such a great photo mode.


I installed a camera mod for Total Warhammer II and I’m pretty pleased with the results.



Can i get a Uhhhhhhhhhhhh


Been playing Steep again but mostly exploring the new Photo Mode.



Just needed to say these are excellent photos, I need to fool around with photo mode!


Started an XCOM 2 Ironman run, and it literally just gave me Wolverine as a rookie.






what is this game!


I know this is context-free but is this a mod or is the game actually that off the chain with dlc?

And Björn means Bear so it’s all very fitting either way.


House/Typing of the Dead: Overkill

It’s probably the only one in the series that is still worth going back to and playing. The basic premise is what if there was a spin off House of the Dead game that made a mockery of both the franchise and exploitation films.

Just be aware it probably drops more fbombs then any other game and features some questionable content. And the ending to the game is one of the most bizzare things to ever be put in a game.


Unmodded. I did have supernatural events turned on, which might have influenced it.

The bears all got bear related names, but Björn just happened to be good luck!